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NICU—Day Six

2011 January 4
by bvoboril

I’m happy to say this will again be a short post!  We heard only good things in rounds this morning:

  • Ethan has gained weight!  He is now above his birth weight and will hopefully just continue to get bigger.
  • Bili lights are gone, maybe for good, because his levels were down today after being under the lights all last night.
  • The fluids he’s been getting through the IV, called TPN, have been stopped.  They are just pushing clear fluids through now.  They are fortifying my breast milk with 2 extra calories per ml in hopes that will keep him gaining without the need for the IV. If this goes well, he will lose the IV all together…maybe by this weekend!  I’ve decided that would be the best birthday present ever.
  • His rash is better (never was very bad) and they have ruled out anything viral…it’s just a baby rash apparently.
  • We are ‘practicing’ for breast feeding now, and with the help of the wonderful lactation consultants, should be trying in the next week or so.

While there today, we were visited by the NICU occupational therapist.  She works with positioning and making sure that Ethan’s muscles and reflexes are getting ready to support him.  She talked about how important it is to always have his legs and arms flexed close to his body for proper shoulder, back, and hip strength.  She visits him every other day, while a physical therapist visits him on her off days.  They also have a speech therapist that is engaged to help with sucking and swallowing when needed.

There really is a team of people making sure that Ethan comes home ready to grow up healthy and strong!  We are amazed each and every day by the care our little guy is getting at Children’s.

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  1. Patti Voboril permalink
    January 5, 2011

    Wow! That is quite the team for little Ethan. It’s just amazing how they have this all coordinated. I do hope you get your “best ever” birthday present. Looking forward to more readings and pictures. It’s hard to believe he’s almost 1 week old already. And his progress is leaps and bounds!!!!

  2. Linda Kosch permalink
    January 5, 2011

    Stu and Becky,

    Congratulations! Laura just sent me the link to your website and I totally agreee with Patti’s aforementioned commments!

    My very best to all of you,

    Linda Kosch

  3. Barbara Finn permalink
    January 5, 2011

    CONGRATS….Ethan looks wonderful !! I was a NICU nurse for 20+ years and I can recognize a star pupil when I see one !!! He will be home before you know it. I love all the extra “therapy” the preemies get now…we did it by instinct in “the old days”. Keep up the breast feeding – it is the best thing for him and his parents. congrats again. love, barbara finn.

  4. Susan Swierczek permalink
    January 5, 2011

    Becky, love reading about Ethan’s daily progress. I know Cindy, Linda, Grandma and Susie do also. The stopping of the TPN is huge! He is a little fighter and reminds me of Eric when he was premie. We all can’t wait to see him :)
    Have a great Birthday!!

  5. Holly permalink
    January 5, 2011

    Hi Becky! Just wanted to say that I love reading the blog and especially love to hear how great Ethan is doing!! He is so adorable!

  6. Danielle Finn Etter permalink
    January 6, 2011

    Hi Becky-

    My mom told me about baby Ethan and gave me the blog address. He is precious and looks like he’s doing fabulously! Congratulations. My husband and I have a little boy, Benjamin, and we’re pregnant with baby boy #2 due in April. You and Stu are going to LOVE having a little guy. Ben has made us incredibly happy. Best wishes to your family!

    Danielle Finn Etter

  7. Amy Voboril Kohlhepp permalink
    January 6, 2011

    YEAH!!! I just NOW have gotten to your baby blog! I have been thinking about baby Ethan every day! Stu texted me a picture yesterday and I was amazed at how much chunkier his cheeks were! Keep posting pics if you can :)

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