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NICU—Day Eight. No More IV!

2011 January 7
by bvoboril

We are so proud to announce that Ethan’s IV was removed this morning!

During rounds the doctors said that since he is up to full feedings (35 mls) every three hours, and gained weight last night without the help of TPN over the last 24 hours, he no longer needs the IV in his belly.  Our nurse immediately came in and removed the line.  Ethan hardly made a noise when she did it.  He’s so brave!

There used to be so many wires and tubes to deal with all the time, but now there is just a feeding tube and a few monitors…it’s fantastic!  He has come such a long way in he last eight days.  We are just so proud of his progress.

Also during rounds, the doctors talked about Ethan’s growing readiness to try eating from a bottle and/or breast.  After meeting with the lactation consultants again yesterday, we’ve decided that breast should be first.  So yesterday I started ‘introducing him’ to the breast during his regular feeding.  Since he’s wide awake and hungry every three hours, it’s a great time to start getting him interested.  And he WAS interested!  While he still doesn’t exactly know what to do, we’ll keep working with this ‘nuzzling’ technique and soon he will be able to latch on.  But for now he’ll just keep eating fortified breast milk only and will continue to grow!

I know it’s TMI, but the nurses in our family will enjoy hearing, he is no longer passing meconium in his bowel movements.  It’s all breast milk now.  Much easier to clean up!  And a great sign that his little system is handling things very well.  As Stu loves to say, “All he’s got to do is Eat and Poop!”

Things are getting easier for us every day as far as handling him.  Taking him in and out of his incubator on our own is no problem, we’re up to speed on swaddling techniques, and changing his clothes and diapers is becoming second nature (even around all the wires).  Then nurses barely bother us when we are visiting him!  And it makes us feel good to be able to help with his care.

Our favorite development has to be the fact that he is more awake more often so we can make lots of eye contact, and we even get some smiles!  Especially when it’s time to eat.  He seems to recognize our voices and becomes more alert when we are talking to him, which is an amazing feeling for us.

With all this food filling his belly, he is spitting up more then he used to.  The doctors say this is normal and his body will get used to the amount food soon.  Each feeding seems to go better and better.  But he’s going through his little outfits like crazy!  I did get a few shots of the one I put on this morning.  So cute!

Dino Outfit

BIG Yawn

Mom changing the diaper

Ethan's Smiley Hungry Face

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  1. LInda Johnson permalink
    January 7, 2011

    Baby Ethan is so cute. I just love his little outfit.
    I’m also so pleased they removed the IV. So happy that all is going so well. Again, I cannot wait to hold him and give him grandma kisses once he is home.

  2. Meredith Maglinger permalink
    January 8, 2011

    Guys! I am so happy for you! Ethan looks wonderful. I don’t think he could be any cuter.

  3. Amy Voboril Kohlhepp permalink
    January 9, 2011

    I just CRIED my eyes out watching that video! He is just too precious! He’s getting MUCH bigger and is it just me or is his nose starting to look a little like his dads? oh god! he he!
    He’s already got such a personality and I can tell he loves to be social! Keep putting the video’s up Beck, we LOVE THEM!!

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