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Creative Indoor Party Venues in St. Louis

2015 November 23
by Becky

It’s a dilemma every year, finding the perfect venue for Ethan’s birthday party. Until last year we did them at home, but as kids get bigger, houses seem to get smaller. Plus they aren’t all that well equipped to be jumped and climbed on.


Add in the fact our parties have to be INSIDE (it’s the end of December after all) and options dwindle. As you may have noticed from our past parties, we like to do our own thing and REALLY get themey with it (so far we’ve done construction, school bus, and rescuebots.)


While I totally understand why parents would want a party hosted by an all-inclusive venue, one that does everything for you, it’s just not our thing. But finding a place that is a) close to the city, b) clean and well lit, c) isn’t covered with other decorations, and d) will LET you do your own thing is really challenging. This will be the second year we’re venturing outside the house for our party and I’ve been pulling my hair out making this decision.

And PS, why does every venue need to be smathered with promotional posters and painted crazy-bright colors and covered with giant trash cans?

So since indoor party season is upon us, I thought I’d share my working list of St. Louis party venues, a mix of places that aren’t so restrictive and offer something different. Most let you bring your own food, hang your own decorations, and give you more space for a birthday or holiday or baby shower—whatever YOU want to make the party perfect.

Oh, and none of these are out-of-control expensive either…I’m cheap.

Creative Indoor Party Venues in St. Louis
**means venue was suggested by a commenter—keep ’em comin!

Forest Park Visitors Center
The Learning Lab is the most flexible for parties, bright and big and you can take all your own food and decorations. 

Concorida Turners
We do gymnastics here and the facility features a Bavarian style pub party room…it is HUGE. You can bring your own food, drinks, and decorations. There are also gymnastics parties. Lots of possible at this place and rates are very reasonable. 

Saratoga Lanes
Super cute little bowling alley, a little pricey but not horrible.

Ephiphany Lanes Bowling Alley (I’m SO having a party here someday, cheap and AWESOME)

The Space
They specialize in make-and-take craft parties, but have a perfect “blank” space for baby showers, birthday parties, and more. 

Lost of cool-sounding party packages and regular room rentals for DIY events

Faust Carousel & Party Room
The room is HUGE and the kids get unlimited carousel rides

Five Star Burgers Party Room
Seriously considering this for Ethan’s party next year…it is awesome!! The Kirkwood location has a downstairs party room with cool wall art and amazing food.

YMCAs, namely the Cardondelet YMCA
These are blank rooms ready to be themed up. These venues usually have pools too. 

The Heights Recreation Center
You don’t have to be a member, they offer flexible swimming packages with party rooms. 

Would be awesome for recycled crafting with older kids. Pick a few craft projects and they provide the materials and instructors. You can take food/drinks/decor/music to make the party yours! The space is amazing. 

Orbit Pinball Lounge
This little place in Maplewood has an upstairs party room with more pinball machines. There’s no website, just a yelp page, so call for reservation info.

Little Fishes
They don’t always offer party rentals, so call to check.

ArtScope St. Louis
Create your own art party, bring your own food and decoration. Parties are offered in the cute cottage located in Tower Grove park. 

Bumbershoot Aerial Acrobatics
This place could be awesome for a small group of older kids.

Climb So IL/Upper Limits
I can’t wait to take Ethan rock climbing one of these days and think it would make an awesome party theme. Call for age restrictions. 

On Your Toes Dance Studio
We had Ethan’s Rescuebot party here last year and it was a blast!! They let us created our own party but provided staff to help. The kids had a BLAST. 

Herbaria on the Hill
This place has amazing staff that will accommodate groups…just call and ask!

This place is brand new, featuring themed parties. Not sure about the flexibility but sounds like the right place for a blow out themed birthday party!

Once Upon A Bash
While they offer themed birthday party packages in their cute Maplewood space, they seem to be flexible on rentals and worth a call for special requests. Some off-peak specials are listed on their website.

Sweet Art Bakery
More of a shower or adult-party space, you can rent it on Sundays at a very reasonable rate and they are super flexible. I could see a tea or princess themed party working well here. Make sure to get the quiche!

Great American Human Foosball
This place sounds hilarious and looks fun. For 10+ year olds, make a reservation and get into the game! You can take your own food and drinks. 

Krueger Pottery**
Featuring kids parties, this place gets a great review from a trusted commenter! Reasonable prices and you can pop across the street to Serendipity Ice cream (one of our six favorite ice cream joints in STL) after making some works of art.

Shrewsbury Recreation Center**
This place is hidden just south of 44 and will rent you a space for your party, food, decor, and party up to you. Their prices are awesome.

South Broadway Art Project**
Offering parties for kids age 5 and up, they take care of all crafting, you provide the rest. Bonus, a portion of the proceeds from every event help support our fund for Community Arts Based Education, and Public Art Project. 

Frisco Train Store**
I’ve raved about this place before, and totally forgot they have an upstairs private party room full of train tables. They let you do your own food and cake too.

Once I haven’t personally checked out but were recommended: 

Ronnie’s Plaza
Not totally sure what their packages include but there’s an arcade here as well as huge theaters…could be a blast!

Des Peres Lodge
You don’t have to be a member to have a party here! Packages available but I’d try requesting an off-package situation if you are looking for something more flexible…never hurts to ask!

Skateport Plaza
Remember roller rinks??? This would be awesome for older kiddos.

St. Louis Event Space/Circus Kaput
Comes as a recommendation from a friend/reader. It’s in Chesterfield mall, not my favorite location, but seems really flexible and willing to accommodate DIYers!

Wildlife Rescue Center
Treat your animal lover to a fun birthday while supporting a good cause! Package includes a tour of the center and art projects plus more, sounds like a blast. 

World Bird Sanctuary
Celebrated your child’s “BIRDday” at this amazing place. Package includes animal encounters and kids can explore the beautiful birds in the charming wooded setting. Take a drive through Lone Elk Park after for some bison and elk spotting!

Ok people, let’s make this list GROW!!! What creative INDOOR party venues have you discovered?? Where can you create your own bash that suits your unique child? Please tell me and I’ll add it to the list!!

12 Responses
  1. November 24, 2015

    Toy Tyme at chesterfield mall – private playroom for children’s parties

    At the lodge in Des Peres you can just rent a room – very generous sized!
    Jenny kyle recently posted..Warson Park, OlivetteMy Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      November 25, 2015

      Thanks Jenny! I’m not a huge fan of Toy Tyme because it’s not very fun for parents, that little stage-seating area is weird, but it’s great to know that The Lodge lets you rent just rooms, that place is beautiful!!

  2. November 24, 2015

    Shrewsbury’s community center rents rooms and you can do whatever you wish. I looked into it a couple years ago. Ultimately I picked a different option but they were resonanbly priced and incredibly nice. December birthdays are difficult for so many reasons….best of luck and thanks for the list.

    • Becky permalink*
      November 25, 2015

      Adding!! I’ve been to the open gym at Shrewsbury, that place is a hidden gem!!

  3. November 24, 2015

    We’ve been to parties at Concordia Turners, ClimbSoIll, Bumbershoot – all good places. Wasn’t overly impressed with Once Upon a Bash, but maybe it was just that particular party.

    Recently went to Krueger Pottery for a first grade party, super fun. The kids loved making two pieces – which reminds me, we need to go pick up the finished product. They made pinch pots and monster sculptures. We’ve done painted pottery parties in the past, but my favorite place is closed. I always picked up the finished pieces and delivered them with the thank you notes, rather than asking parents to do it. Anyway, after making pottery for an hour, the party continued at Serendipity across the street where kids got to pick out ice cream.

    South Broadway Art Project is a good place too.

    I’d say a little older for Great American Human Foosball – maybe 10+. You want kids to be tall enough to be comfortable playing. And you need a decent number of kids, but SO much fun. We helped host the 7th grade social event there two weeks ago, and every kid loved it. It’s more fun with more people so you can form teams and take turns playing them, there are plenty of other things to do when your team isn’t playing. And I think each team needs to have 8 players. So 24 kids+ would be perfect. Probably one of the best ideas for an active party where kids that aren’t typically athletic or necessarily skilled can hang with the super sport types, and everyone has fun.

    You can also bring in your own food and drink, which is great. And it’s completely enjoyable for parents that stay. That’s another critical component for me – nothing worse than sitting (or standing) around waiting for a party to end.
    Kristin recently posted..let’s eat! (it’s a good week to)My Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      November 25, 2015

      Amazing tips! I love how you have the perspective of parties for older kids! Adding these

  4. November 24, 2015

    Also, the girl that had the pottery party this year (age 7), had a ClimbSoIll party last year (age 6). So Ethan’s not too far off age-wise to enjoy that kind of party.
    Kristin recently posted..let’s eat! (it’s a good week to)My Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      November 25, 2015

      Great idea!

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  8. September 25, 2018

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