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2013 July 1
by Becky

We just returned from five days in Eastern Nebraska, visiting Stu’s family on his mom’s side.

The trip requires planes and a rental car. But packing is easy. Shorts, t-shirts, swim suits and flip flops. Because there isn’t much to do in Columbus but splash in the pool, catch some rays, eat, and spend lots of quality time with family.

This trip was extra special because everyone was together for the first time in NINE years. Our wedding was the last time we were all in one room. Which means Stu’s sister, Amy, and her family made the looooong trip from their home in Maui to be there. Somehow five years have gone by since we’ve seen Amy, so this weekend meant meeting her husband, Paul, and adorable daughter, our niece, Annette, for the first time.

Annette and Ethan Hit. It. Off.




Grandma was in heaven.

And the kids couldn’t get enough of her. Reading, baths, french toast breakfasts, and lots of cuddle time.


Unless they were asleep, Ethan and Annette were together every minute. The baby pool at the Great-Grandparents’  house was their Private Toddler Club, one stocked with warm water, toys, cheetos, and popsicles.




Tea parties, using Great-Grandma’s myriad vintage accessories, were frequent. Always served poolside.



I will be making a trip to Walmart this week to purchase one of these pools…fingers crossed they will have one in stock.

Ethan, it turns out, is quite a fan of swimming accessories, especially water wings. They didn’t leave his arms for the whole first day of our trip.




Turns out, the swimming lessons we’ve been taking are paying off. Our Peanut is totally fearless in the water. He ruled the pool. Belly flops and excessive sliding went on for hours every day.



On Friday, cousin Weston joined the party! All three great-grandkids together at last.


The “club” even had a complimentary Pool-Poop-Removal Service (compliments of Stu and I). Good thing too, because Ethan felt a little too comfortable in the nice warm water…four times in two days.

“Get the hose and drain the pool!”


Good thing I brought his “speedo” we use in swimming lessons. It tends to “hold everything in”. Plus we loved how he looked like a little European baby.


What fun it is to have cousins. Books and baths and movies and just running around the house like crazies. They fell into bed every night, exhausted.

And that’s when the rest of the family — especially the older cousins—the 18 and older crowd, had our fun. Playing games and drinking beer around grandma’s huge kitchen island will always be my favorite part of Stu’s family.

When my chest hurts from laughing and tears are rolling down my face.

I hope Ethan grows up to be as sweet at they all are. Loving his family and wanting to spend time with them. Although I’m not sure I’ll allow it around 4th of July…too much fire involved.


Grandma and Grandpa are saints for hosting. Good thing Stu’s mom has the house next door or we’d never all fit.

We can’t wait to see Amy & Fam in November when we go to Maui!!! Ethan is counting down the days.

It was like watching twins.



8 Responses
  1. Grandpa & Grandma Voboril permalink
    July 1, 2013

    Great write up Becky! I love the family picture all the wy down to the bottle of whiskey, pitch fork and the “modern” weed whacker!

    It’s amazing how much Ethan and Annette look alike. It sure does look like they had a great time together.

  2. July 2, 2013

    What a great time. Love the cousins together.

  3. July 2, 2013

    What fun!! Big families are great

  4. Linda Johnson permalink
    July 3, 2013

    It was so wonderful to have all the family together at one time. I loved watching Ethan and Annette in the pool. That Walmart pool was a hit!!

    We sure had a fun time!! Thanks for coming and I cannot wait to see the pictures from Maui.

  5. Lauren G permalink
    July 3, 2013

    The pic of Stu hosing off Ethan is just too funny. It’s definitely fun to have a cousin of similar age – I had that growing up and we had great fun in the summers. Sounds like Maui will be great too!

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