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Consignment Stories

2012 April 26
by Becky

I thought I’d share the incredible items I found on consignment lately!

First on my “Baby Gear Wish List” was a rain coat. It’s like Seattle here sometimes, rain for days but we still need to get around town. I checked websites (REI, Lands End, LL Bean, Target, Amazon, and others) but they were so expensive! $25-$40 for a coat that will fit Little Man for what, six months? And how many times will he wear it during that period?

After a quick visit to 529 Kids Consign, the new kids consignment shop two blocks from my doorstep, and bam:

So cute right? It was $9.99. How the heck can you beat that price? And it’s brand new.

529 Kids Consign is the most precious shop run by two crazy-nice moms. I have a funny feeling I will be checking out the inventory on a weekly basis. And I’ve already started a “Wish List” where the owners contact me when items I’m looking for come in the door. (I ended up ordering matching black and yellow rain boots from Zulily for $11.99, not a bad deal!) 

Ethan also needed some Crocs. I almost splurged on some during last week’s Tyson’s Corner Mall Adventure with my blog friend Erin, but couldn’t find a pair that would fit for longer then a month without falling off his feet. But it’s summer, we’ll be visiting the Splash Park soon, and we need some good water shoes for The Peanut to run around in.

529 Kids Consign strikes again! I got these for $4.99. I don’t actually know if these are Crocs brand or not, but who cares? They would be at least $15-$30 new no matter what the brand. And these have adjustable heel straps, meaning they will last longer size-wise.

Now for the Big Kahuna.

After borrowing my neighbor’s MacClaren stroller for a trip to St. Louis, I decided it was something we needed. While we LOVE our Bob Revolution stroller and use it multiple times every single day, it’s pretty bulky to take on planes and trains. So I turned to Craigslist and the Old Town Moms messaging board (look for one in your area on Yahoo Groups!) to see if I could pick one up second-hand.

It took about one minute to get a response from the message board—some very nice people were moving to Singapore and trying to dump things they didn’t need, one of them being a like-new MacClaren stroller. For $40.

What?!  These things sell for $180-200 new!

I jumped in my car and drove over to DC to meet the respondent’s sweet husband in front of his office building. It could not have been an easier transaction. And check out my bitchin’ new stroller!

Though the people were super nice and I’m sure very clean, I of course scrubbed down the stroller before using it. After first checking the MacClaren website, I took off the main seat-pad-thingy. It wasn’t hard, just had to figure out how to get all the straps and buckles apart.

Then I threw it in the washer with a little mild detergent. I used a gentle cycle, just in case. It was laid over our back stoop railing to dry.

The rest of the stroller got a wipe down with antibacterial spray cleaner. I also used Febreze to give it all a nice fresh smell.

I hand washed the rain cover and cup-holder thingy—two accessories that are definitely not included when you purchase this thing retail. More money saved!

Here is the rain cover intact. We got to use it this past weekend on our walk in the rain. Ethan was referred to as Bubble Boy while snuggled up in his cozy cocoon.

Just a note about buying things online. I met the former stroller owner in front of his office building on busy Pennsylvania Ave, downtown DC. Tons of people milling about so I felt very safe meeting a total stranger to make the transaction. That said, you’d be surprised how nice and normal most Craigslist and message board sellers are! I’ve never had a bad experience. 

We’ve already taken this stroller on the Old Town Trolley, the Metro, and to Florida with great success. I will be taking it today as Ethan and I fly to Denver for my bestie Erika’s bachelorette party and then up to Scottsbluff, NE for her bridal shower (that is co-hosted by yours truly). I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a LOOOOONG time.

No, Ethan will not be joining us on the bachelorette party. 

Expect delays in blog posts for a few days…I’ll be busy having a blast with the bride!

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  1. Erika permalink
    April 26, 2012

    Love you, Beck! And love consignment shops too…fab deals for great prices! Can’t wait to see you tonight!

  2. Grandpa Joe permalink
    April 26, 2012

    Looking forward to sharing some special time with the grand-peanut.

  3. June 28, 2014

    perfect transaction

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