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City Exploring: Ted’s Bulletin & Eastern Market

2012 May 17
by Becky

Since dinner doesn’t really work when you have a little one at home, lunch and brunch are great ways to explore our city. Kids are awake and can be busied with food, wait times are shortened, and the food is cheaper! Plus, no babysitter is required, which saves quite a bit of cash (you wouldn’t believe the sitter rates around here—OMG). 

So when my friend Lara suggested brunch at Ted’s Bulletin, we were excited—it’s been on our list for a while! Early Saturday morning the six of us (Lara, her husband Ryan, and their 21 month old son Luke, Stu, Ethan, and I) met at the little restaurant on Barracks Row on Capitol Hill.

Have you ever had a homemade poptart?! Well, Ted’s has ’em. In fact, Ted’s specializes in all things bad for you…we tried blueberry cheesecake (my fav!), strawberry, and peanut butter bacon pop tarts—fresh out of the oven. Even the boys got to partake in the food fantastic-ness. Ethan tried his first bacon!

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After gorging on breakfast burritos, french toast, sausage gravy, and other bad-for-us stuff, we walked a few blocks to the Eastern Market. It’s just another of the long list of places we’ve been meaning to visit. We weren’t disappointed!

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Part inside, part outside, the market offers a wide variety of jewelry, crafts, PLUS vegetables, fresh pasta, baked goods, plants, seafood, and meat. Oh the meat. I was overwhelmed by the selection. And it was actually really well priced! Every kind of beef, poultry, fish, pork, and game was on display. Stu locked in on the tri-tip steak…a California speciality cut that tastes great grilled but can be hard to find outside the West Coast.

My favorite thing was the blow fish…so cool (how did they puff him up like that?)!

My recommendation is to get there early, it gets busy. We were there before the rush and there was plenty of room for strollers and browsing through each and every booth. Though Lara had the good sense to Ergo it with Luke…takes up much less space.

We browsed all the craft booths, I bought a lovely (and cheap!) necklace, walked around the neighborhood, grabbed a coffee, and headed home with our market goods in hand. It was a beautiful day and we couldn’t have asked for better food, sights, and company.

Even the little men had a blast. Luke and Ethan have what Lara and I refer to as a “forced friendship” due to our fondness for getting together. The boys don’t seem to mind. We always have a good time!

Luke is attempting to hug, not tackle, the oblivious Ethan. They are so cute.

Anyone else visit any new places lately? Have you been to Ted’s or the Easter Market? 

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  1. Kristan permalink
    May 18, 2012

    I have been wanting to check out Eastern Market, definitely looks like it was worth your trip! The boys’ “hugging” at the end is priceless!!

  2. May 18, 2012

    What a great day. You make every thing so realistic that you want to taste every thing. The pancake was so cute that Ethan was eating. The boys are having a good time.

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