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Christmas Morning…and So Much More

2015 December 31
by Becky


Merry Christmas!!

It feels like weeks have passed since I sat in front of my computer, though it’s only been five days. Five LOOOONG days filled with happiness, lots of excitement, some guilt, and a little stress.

What I thought I’d share here is how every family member who slept in our house got the stomach flu last week. But after a long first draft, I held down the delete button and decided to stop that topic here. It happened, I feel terrible, but it’s over and I need to let it go. There’s nothing we could have done. But it SUCKED. There. Now on with the awesome stuff.

Christmas morning!






Ethan has turned into a big boy about Christmas this year. He understands how everything works, knows all the events, had a serious convo about gifts with Santa…he’s a Christmas pro. Finn is completely oblivious of course, happy to do anything Ethan is doing and not really skeptical of anything. So Christmas morning was amazing, Ethan running downstairs and making a big production about the presents under the tree—makes a parent feel good to be appreciated.





All Ethan asked for this year was Grimlock (a Dinobot transformer) and more MagnaTiles. His wishes were granted, and then some. We don’t go crazy with presents, most are very small, but we couldn’t resist giving him some little Star Wars goodies, books, and his first real Lego set. He proceeded to put it together in about a half an hour.



Finn’s gifts were all hand-me-downs or inexpensive second-hand finds. I’d held back a bunch of Ethan’s old toys, wrapped them up, and Finn was a happy camper. The ultimate favorite gift of the day was the slide, which I got free from my friend. The boys spent half the day on top of this thing.



Christmas dinner, my personal favorite part of the day, was a masterpiece. Smitten Kitchen’s braised beef short ribs with swiss chard and horseradish cream sauce, truffled mashed potatoes, harvest salad, and pop-overs…no holiday meal can be complete without puffed bread. If I had the energy (and the metabolism), I’d cook like this every night, it’s so much fun.


The holidays, for me at least, START with Christmas and are just a blur of activities until the end of Ethan’s birthday party, usually that first weekend of January. We took Ethan to the musical Elf at the Peabody Opera House on the 26th, the 27th Stu and I went to the Pageant for El Monstero’s Pink Floyd tribute concert (which was AMAZING)…there’s a reason these shows sell out. OMG it was incredible. Dinner at Fork & Stix and dessert at Piccone Pastry made that night pretty darn perfect.

And today was Ethan’s fifth birthday. Having the party on the weekend means celebrating twice. So for the second year in a row we had sushi and homemade rainbow cake for dinner–Ethan’s requests. We got a sitter for Finn and took Ethan to the new Star Wars—it was an incredible movie and I couldn’t quite believe Ethan was old enough to see it with us. He loved it though, and made sure I understood that “none of this stuff in the movie is real”. Whew. Be sure not to ask him about his favorite part though, it’s a major spoiler.


I told him his birth story, something he appreciates more the older he gets, and squeezed him tight. My big boy is FIVE! It doesn’t seem possible.

St. Louis seems to be plagued with disease this holiday season so I hope you and your family are healthy and enjoying these holiday weeks. We’re feeling great and heading full steam ahead with Ethan’s Dinosaur Island birthday party in our sights. I hope we can pull this one off! Probably our biggest birthday undertaking to date.

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  1. Breezy permalink
    December 31, 2015

    Girl, quit looking so damn adorable in your pj’s on Christmas morning! You’re making the rest of us look bad! ;)

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    January 1, 2016

    It was a great Christmas! I sure enjoyed the grandkids, seeing Sandy and Joe, the FAB meal and
    spending time with you and Stu. Looking forward to Ethan’s Birthday Blog. Happy New Year!
    Grandma J

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