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Chilly Weekend Visitors

2013 October 22
by Becky

Erika and AJ were in town this weekend! Mr. Man is five months old and so cute I was like putty in his little grasping hands. Big cheeky smiles, laughs for days, and chub rolls everywhere. SO different than when I saw him last. It was his first flight and he handled it like a champ.

Ethan was quite interested in “Baby AJ” and excited to show him how to be a big kid. He did get a little jealous—once he even drummed up some tears and wailed, “I want my mama back!” when he saw me holding AJ. Hilariously heartbreaking.



Stu and I totally forgot what a five month old was like, how smart and aware babies are at this stage. Look at him grabbing his mama’s face! What. A. Cutie.

Since AJ was still getting over a bout of croup and Ethan was clearly coming down with something, we spent most of the weekend inside. But we did get out for a long walk and lunch on The Hill. Out of town guests are always treated to Adrianna’s.


And we had in-town visitors as well—Kate and her twins stopped by for an official Babypalooza. Marley and Cooper are only a month behind AJ, so they all got along swimmingly. The cuteness was palpable.


Ethan again got pretty upset when he awoke from his nap to find me snuggling Marley, so he got plenty of mom-lap time. Usually he doesn’t mind me holding babies, but his oncoming cold was clearly affecting his emotions and causing a little drama. I was happy to oblige and hold him tight, just like a baby.

He’ll always be my baby.

But these three?


Unbelievable how big they all are. To think, two and a half years ago this was Ethan. Squirming and squealing and entertaining us for hours while doing pretty much nothing.

Watching my friends have babies has been one of the highlights of this year…I’m having a hard time counting just how many were born just in the last six months! I’m lucky to see some quite often, others not so much, and it makes me realize the more I see them, the harder it is NOT to see them. Like Erika and AJ…I’ve seen them twice in five months and now don’t know when we will be in the same city again. It made their leaving just that much tougher.

The best part of having friends scattered all over the country? An excuse to travel.

And we have plenty of room—and baby gear—for guests! So come on out to STL.


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