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Catching Up – Friday Phone Dump

2012 June 22
by Becky

I’ve been buried under two projects this week, both of which are yet to be completed.

The first is our 2011 family photo album. I clearly underestimated the amount of time it would take me to sort through the thousands of photos we took last year. Before Ethan, we had maybe 20-30 photos per month. After Ethan, minimum one hundred a month. It also doesn’t help that we bought our spiffy new camera (Canon Rebel T2i) three days before The Peanut made his surprise appearance. I have it ready to go at all times.

In order to urge myself to finish the album, I bought a coupon (it’s actually a Travelzoo Local Deal) for Shutterfly photo albums. The deadline to use it is June 26…which means I’ve been scrambling to finish this book! Then, after finishing I realized my coupon was only good for an 8×8 book…and I just spent what seems like a million hours designing an 8.5 x 11 book. So I’ve been remaking the whole thing in MyPublisher (my favorite photobook service) because they have a new coupon about every day, making their beautiful books HALF the price of Shutterfly. Not super thrilled with this whole situation. But the deadline was what I needed …that fire under my butt to stop editing already and just GET IT DONE!!!  2012 is only six months away and I’ll be doing this all again!

The second project deals with paint. I painted our living room (and our bedroom and master bath, but that is another story). After exactly a year of dealing with (three different shades of) white walls I just HAD to put paint on a brush. I am, after all, an expert painter. I don’t call myself an expert in much, but painting is something at which I am REALLY good. I mean, I never use tape. (That’s painter smack-talk.) I just have a few more places to cut in and it’s done…looks great.

Anyway, I’m being lazy with the blog and taking the easy road with a “Friday Phone Dump”. It’s just all the photos I’ve taken on my phone in the last week. It actually paints a pretty accurate picture!


Wearing my bridesmaid gift
Peanut strutin’ in his shades
Puddle jumping in 100 degree weather
Beach at National Harbor (MD)
Ina Garten’s Salmon with Lentils…OMG yum
Dress up time – Elton glasses
Peanut’s view of National Harbor boardwalk 
Dinner at Rosa Mexicano
Boys gazing at the Chesapeake Bay
Harvesting my basil forest
Climbing fences
Basil pesto for freezing
Choosing a cupcake
Box head
My girl on TV!

Hope you all had a great week! I can’t wait to share pics of my completed photo album soon.



2 Responses
  1. Kate permalink
    June 22, 2012

    I LOVE the Friday phone dump idea!! It’s truly a look into your week!
    Love you!!

  2. Sandy Schon permalink
    June 22, 2012

    Great pics. It’s a good way to stay connected to your life so far away!!!

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