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Catching UP: Friday Phone Dump

2012 September 20
by Becky

We’ve been out enjoying this GOR-geous weather, getting back into our schedule after a week of “laying low” to avoid any stitch popping, and finishing up some projects around the house. So to catch up, here’s Friday Phone Dump.

1 Rooftop BBQ with some fellow Nebraskans
2 Puggle-sitting
3 Dipping grilled cheese in tomato soup
4 Trying out Dad’s new electric drum set
5 Skyping on Grandma Schon’s birthday
6 Trying out a new couch position
7 Eating his snack in peace
8 Facing his fear: The Jack In the Box
9 Unscrewing his new toy
10 The new reflecting pool
11 American Indian Museum
12 Ethan’s mini dining set 
13 Date Night
14 Ikea 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Pick some apples and drink cider…tis the season!

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  1. March 10, 2018

    Hours and hours of playing already. So much fun!

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