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Bugs and Smiles

2015 February 17
by Becky


Like everyone else in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, we had a visit from the flu bug this week.

Sunday morning Ethan was in a total funk, going so far as to lay on the mat near the back door. The dirty, soggy mat on which we wipe our feet every day. Just laid there, not moving. Not even the excitement of his buddy’s birthday party at the Myseum could rouse him.

It wasn’t until 5pm that he starting to hurl, taking out an area rug and hosing all his bath toys. Rug in the trash, toys in a bucket of bleach, he somehow slept through the night. Good thing Stu left town on Monday so I had the kids all to myself, trapped in a snow globe as the world outside was coated with white.

I wish we had some funny, cheeky stories to tell about Ethan’s flu but I DO NOT. It’s horrible, terrible, and the worst my kid has ever felt. He has been a crying, whining mess, only feeling good for short periods of time which are usually bound in a vomit parentheses.

We’ve lost an area rug, a pillow, and a carpet square to this bug so far.

At least there was a happy face in the crowd…


Finn is in the super-smiley-happy-all-the-time phase and it brightens every minute of these oh so shitty days. One kid grinning ear to ear, the other whimpering and draping himself over any and all surfaces.

If you want to know how to make laundry folding take 15x longer, do this.


In the bad moments (aka most of the time) I gave in to unlimited screen time. Dragons and aliens and mamoths melted my child’s brain for hours. I didn’t know what else to do—he didn’t seem capable of doing anything else.

In the good moments (of which there were few) we read books and played Ethan’s new favorite game, Sorry. I initially suggested it completely forgetting the rules and was pleasantly surprised when our first run through went well. I figure if he’s this interested while feeling absolutely terrible, it will be great when he’s back to normal.



I’m a horrible nurturer. I did my best but that’s not saying much.

Staring at the fresh, bright snow was too much to resist, I had to to Finn outside for a minute. If not for the snow, for the opportunity to get him into The Bear.


Ethan watched from the living room windows as we swept the front steps and breathed our first fresh air in three days.

Tomorrow is a school day which will surely be missed. Unless of course by some miracle Ethan wakes up with a smile and an appetite. Seems inevitable after a solid 12 hour sleep and 72 hours of no food, but I thought that yesterday and today was was very very wrong.

Here’s hoping.

Have you been hit by this plague? How long did you battle? 

3 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    February 18, 2015

    Get well soon Ethan!! A lot of stomach flu going around here along with sinus colds.

    Take care of yourself Becky and hope you and Finn don’t get Ethan’s bug.

    Love the pictures of Finn and his bear coat is adorable.

  2. February 18, 2015

    I feel so bad for Ethan. Hope he feels better soon. Doesn’t look like Finn is feeling anything but happiness. So cute in his brown bear coat.

    Stay well and warm!!!

  3. Shannon permalink
    February 18, 2015

    I’m so sorry! It’s the worst. Sully just got over a bad stomach bug himself. He wasn’t himself for days. And to deal with it all by yourself (with a baby!) – that’s the worst. Hope he’s on the mend soon. Miss you guys!

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