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2016 March 7
by Becky

I’m not feeling the blog these days. I’m not inspired to write in the evening. I’ve enjoyed just sitting back, letting the images pile up on my iPhone, watching the boys. Working on actual paying projects. Staying in touch with friends. Letting a few things I normally stress about slip.

Then I spent the last few nights cleaning up and organizing my phone, realizing it ends up being more stressful, this whole “avoiding stress” thing. It was a mess. I’m going back to the old me.

I don’t have much to say, but if anything I need to talk about these two dudes.


One minute I’m strong encouraging Ethan (aka yelling) about being more gentle when playing with Finn, suggesting maybe the cereal box isn’t the best place under which to apply firm pressure to those little baby fingers. The next minute I’m watching Ethan take his baby bro’s hand while we walk down the street for a Friday night dinner.

Most of the time it’s hilarious and adorable.


Not sure how I’d categorize Ethan’s ability to teach Finn all sorts of neat tricks, like this one where Finn now has the ability to access any part of the kitchen counter he desires. Any chair, stool, or movable surface of any kind puts Finn at big brother’s level.


Suddenly they enjoy the same things, same places, both mobile and exploring. Finn is so physical, he’s only a step or two behind Ethan on the playground and wants nothing more than to be anywhere big brother is. Like chillin in a tunnel on a sunny day.


Sharing is a constant test of patience. Ethan is really good about it, though he sometimes expresses his desire to have something “all to himself.” My response is usually comprised of a tale about how I have to share EVERYTHING with BOTH of them, so he should consider it lucky he only has to get used to sharing everything with one little brother.

Not like I can control this anyway, Finn wants anything Ethan touches.


And there was the day Ethan dressed himself and I dressed Finn and we converged to find them dressed identically. Down to the orange socks. Ethan thought it was incredible, as is evidenced in that enormous grin.

If I thought our weeks went fast before, now that I’m working two days a week they fly by at light speed. I swear the boys get bigger when they sleep. I completely forgot to schedule Finn’s 15 month check up because it just came too fast…or maybe it’s just that he’s the second child? Christmas feels like yesterday.

“So see?” I tell myself, “there’s things to share”. Every time I think maybe I’m done with the blog, I scroll through pictures on my phone, unedited and waiting for recognition, and I realize the blog is still what keeps me accountable after all these years. Or I’ll forget something—a milestone or event—and come out here to refresh my memory. I even search my own blog for my own recipes. It’s still serving it’s main purpose after all these years.

All these years. In May it will be six years of oversharing out here. So I clearly can’t stop now.
Hopefully the Spring weather will reinvigorate my creativity.


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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    March 8, 2016

    I love your blogs Becky! The boys are adorable and your pictures and blog keep me up-to-date on their fast growing lives. The picture of Ethan holding Finn’s hand is priceless!

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