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Blooms and Bridges

2017 April 10
by Becky


We’ve been so busy that last few weeks with vacation and work and volunteering and birthday parties that last weekend’s empty schedule was a welcome respite. The rain clouds parted, enticing us to plant and mow and prune…it was like the brown and grey of the yard, with which we’ve been avoiding eye-contact for five or so months, just melted away to reveal the tiny haven we call our outdoor living room. The porch was scrubbed, plants were potted, and we made a long overdue porch couch upgrade.

The best part of good weather is I can’t get the kids in the house for anything but sleep and meals (and barely at that!), they just want to collect bugs and climb trees, the later is something in which Ethan has suddenly taken great interest. Good thing our neighbors are rarely outside because he’s usually there, looking over the fence from the nearest dogwood.


Sunday morning was devoted to the MOBOT children’s garden opening, something we’ve patiently awaited during our frequent winter visits. The tulips were just getting ready to open and be their most brilliant selves, it was almost impossible not to touch them, grab armfuls to take home. Finn’s grabby hands had to be kept at bay, which was accomplished by telling him to use his nose instead.

I even attempted our yearly brother-hug-tulip photo…


It didn’t turn out.
We’ll have to go back this week for a better one. Like this one. And this one.

But hey look who made it into a picture!! Me! And it’s a great one!


I usually end up going home with a hundred pictures and not one with me in it, but Stu commandeered the camera to make sure this day included my face. And those are some big smiles from the boys, especially due to the fact we’d been tulip gazing and had yet to make it to the children’s garden. They were antsy. But agreeable.


The boys tore through the children’s garden gates like they were returning home from a long journey, straight down the wood plank bridge to the little boats where Stu intervened and urged them along with the promise of face painting—if you’ve been here you know a day can be dimmed by a dip in the boat lock, especially if it’s not warm enough for water play.

Finn braved his first solo trip across the rope bridge. I think his shirt says it all.


We were there right at opening time with the place almost to ourselves, so the face painters were ready and waiting. Ethan opted for a snake with Finn watching with great interest. Never thinking he’d actually sit still for this, I promised the nice lady that we had no expectations, anything that happened would be fine.

But with big brother’s help, Finn sat still and got his matching ink, complete with sparkles.



He was SO proud.

Sure they fight (constantly), but it’s time like these I can see they get a lot from each other. Ethan is proud when Finn shares interests and emulates his big bro. Finn worships every move Ethan makes and is thrilled when his brother allows him to join in.

Today they were two peas in a pod.

It’s one of the reasons we love visiting the gardens. It’s five minutes from our house and it has something for everyone, plus room to run, climb, jump, get dirty, ride, splash, bang, and sometimes even plant.


We are so so very lucky to have this place. Right here, always showing us something beautiful. Our city is amazing.

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