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Blogs I Love

2011 April 1
by bvoboril

Hi, I’m Becky.  And I am addicted to reading blogs.

It’s been this way for a couple years now, but really excelled when I got pregnant. All joking aside, blogs (at least the ones I read) include real-life information. Not generic garble that hasn’t been updated for two years. And it’s not a message board where someone posts a comment or question, never planning to return again. Blogs deal with people’s lives on a weekly and sometimes daily basis and include honest, personal information.

Blogs also don’t typically claim to be ‘official’. I don’t find that the authors think they are the ‘experts’ or ‘professionals’ when they write. They are just sharing knowledge they have picked up along the way. I certainly don’t think I’m a parenting expert (quite the opposite) but I love to share my learning as I go along.

I’ve made friends and contacts, found extremely helpful tips and information, and found a passion for blogging through the blogs I read on a regular basis. It’s clear that the authors of my favorite blogs work hard to make them what they are. I so admire these authors, and aspire to one day be a successful blogger.

Here are a few I highly recommend!

Sweet Life Kitchen
I’ve been reading this fantastic cooking blog for years. She just launched an online bakery this year too!

Nesting Place
How can you not love the home decorating ideas in this blog?!

The Pleated Poppy
How cute is this name? She has some great stuff in her shop too. And she lives in San Luis Obispo, CA! (Stu’s home town)

Love looking at all the great ideas on this blog. They are endless! To be fair, a whole team of people works on this AMAZING blog.

Little Miss Momma
I found this site while looking for a recipe…now I’m hooked

Prudent Baby
This is a newer one for me, but it’s really enjoyable.

Apartment Therapy
Great decorating ideas…always interesting and fun posts to read!

The Adventures of Ingrid & Otis
I stumbled upon this blog while in the NICU. I made a connection with Amber, the author, because we had such a similar beginning to the birth of our sons. Both dealing with prematurity, we have stayed in touch ever since!  It is so fun to read about her darling kids…she is a fantastic blogger and has the cutest Etsy store!

Modern Kiddo
Great ideas for babies and kids. She always has detailed information for shopping and links to other great sites.

One Charming Party
HOW cute is this blog? The party ideas on here are endless and just incredible. I can’t wait to use it as inspiration for upcoming parties!

Learning To Blog

So after sharing some of my favs with you, you might ask if I am satisfied with the look of my blog? Nope, working on that. Am I always feeling good about the content I’m posting? Not yet, but I’ll get there folks! Stick with me. And tell me what you like! (or don’t like)

Go Find a Blog!

Let me know what blogs you like! I’m always looking for more. And if you don’t have a favorite, go find one and let me know.

3 Responses
  1. Sandy Schon permalink
    April 1, 2011

    Thanks for the blogging tips. I never looked on a blog until you started and since then I have looked on some of your favorites. I really enjoyed reading through them and was very impressed with their ideas and creativity. Can’t say I’m hooked, but am definitely interested in exploring more sites.

    Of course, I think your blog is wonderful and full of interesting ideas and information. It’s good to be an informed and with-it grandma! Keep up the good work.

  2. April 1, 2011

    With how crafty you are, I’m sure you’ll LOVE reading some blogs out there that have great ideas. If anything, it’s fun to get inspiration from other people’s projects.

  3. Amy Voboril Kohlhepp permalink
    April 2, 2011

    LOVE blogs! I don’t like reading books (SHAME ON ME I’m a teacher!) but I love reading blogs and magazine articles!

    You have inspired me to start our own baby blog :)

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