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Blog Friends—Meeting Amber!

2011 October 15
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by Becky


Just under ten months ago I was sitting in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital NICU, surrounded by alarms and monitors, an ache in my heart, fatigued with worry, my itty bitty peanut sleeping on my chest.

As usual, my iPhone was in my hand to help the hours pass by (only to be replaced by my Kindle) and on this particular day I was Googling ‘cloth diapers’. A very cute blog, called The Adventures of Ingrid and Otis, was included in my search results. Amber, the blog author, had written a post about her tiny guy named Otis wearing Bum Genius diapers. After reading for a few minutes, I began to realize that Otis was born early…I was intrigued.

As dug deeper, I learned that Amber’s water broke at 31 weeks…just like mine! She was admitted to the hospital, put on magnesium to stop the contractions, and kept on bedrest...just like me! And the doctors planned to keep Amber pregnant till week 34…my plan too!

This is where our story splits.

Amber DID stay pregnant and in the hospital until she was 33 weeks 4 days—add to the  mix her (at the time) two year old daughter Ingrid and you have a crazy, stressful situation. Then Otis was born! He weighed 4lbs, 4oz and was 17 inches long. He had a short stay in the NICU before going home.

I, on the other hand, did NOT stay pregnant, and Ethan was born the day I was admitted to the hospital, at 31 weeks 4 days. He was 3lb, 8oz and was 18 inches long. And he stayed in the NICU for 6.5 weeks.

I felt compelled to reach out to Amber from my NICU perch…I couldn’t help myself. I wrote her an email about reading her blog, and shared my story with her. And ever since we have stayed in touch! We read each other’s blogs and send emails from time to time. Since Otis is only two weeks older then Ethan, he gives us a great preview of what to expect next.

Ingrid & Otis—too freaking cute.

So when Amber said she and her husband would be vacationing in DC, we immediately made plans to meet up. Last night we met Amber and Brendan for dinner here in Old Town and it was a great time. Stu, while at first apprehensive, immediately declared them as ‘awesome’ and went on to discuss a mix of nerd stuff and sports with Brendan.

If they lived closer, I could totally see us hanging out on a regular basis. The conversation was endless and even on our walk home I remembered at least a dozen questions I ment to ask Amber.

I mean, we both like scarfs and beer! Yeah, this would be a great friendship if only geography wasn’t in the way.

It was so great to finally meet the person I’ve been communicating with for the last 9.5 months. Maybe someday we’ll be able to get the kids together! But until then, email and blogging will have to keep us connected.

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  1. Sandy Schon permalink
    October 15, 2011

    She looks great. Bet you’ll stay friends for a long time.

  2. October 15, 2011

    It was great meeting you guys too!! I was very surprised how easily Brendan got along with Stu, usually he’s way more socially awkward, lol :) We will be coming back here again, to visit with the kids, we’ve already decided that. Tickets are easy to get from Milwaukee and we love it here in alexandria!

    And scarves and beer, how could we NOT get along?

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