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Back Yard Business

2013 May 6
by Becky

Thought a house post was in order!

After over a month of living in St. Louis, we’ve actually made a lot of progress, making things look pretty darn homey around here.

We’ve been doing a little  yard work…when the weather allows of course. We’ve had about two full days of no rain in the last month (slight exaggeration but not much) and I’ve been lucky enough to have more back issues and TWO ear infections…one in each ear. So I’ve been doing a lot of staring and planning in preparation of the day when I actually get my hands into some dirt.

We’ve managed to complete one BIG project…notice anything?


Yes, that carpet of green is brand spankin new sod, installed by Kate’s dad John. He is amazing—we actually did none of the work. It’s not something we knew we needed, but once things started turning green it was clear there was more dirt than grass in our little back yard. Here is the before:


Yikes. What we’ve heard from ALL of our neighbors is the previous owners had two very bark-y dogs that just tore the yard to shreds. Bad part about buying a house in the winter. But oh well, it’s done and looks fab and all the rain has helped the new sod get acclimated. We’ve never had nice grass before!

It’s just so pretty.

BackYard-WtoEThis is only about a week in, so it’s still pretty patchy looking

So now we need to plant stuff! A few hostas and ferns have already gone in, a few petunias, sweet potato vine, and a decorative grass too. MUCH more potato vine is in our future…it’s my favorite annual. Check out that gonna-be-amazing hydrangea.  Another favorite, all mature and ready to bloom big this year. Not sure what that little tree is yet.


We dumped the majority of our yard gear when we moved to Virginia, so we are kind of starting from scratch with the new place. PAIN. The only yard-related items we held on to were all the pots we’ve collected over the years. Too bad nothing we own is quite right for the giant brick wall of the garage. I envision a ginormous pot or “area” bursting with elephant ears and cannas, such as…


I’ve been envisioning it for weeks…


The hunt is on for a big pot that isn’t a small fortune. Any suggestions?

And then there is Ethan’s garden. We read the book “The Man Who Cooked for Himself” about 200 times this winter so he’s pretty pumped about getting some veggies in the ground. Starting small this year with tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, and peppers—some of the only veggies Little Man will eat.


Till stuff really gets going, Ethan has a rock garden to tend…complete with big AND small rocks. I can’t wait to put some trucks and tunnels and other fun stuff in there for tons of backyard fun.


And maybe there is space for a little play house in our “grove”. The trees are just begging for a little toddler village to be build at their roots.


We (Stu) spent a little time in the front yard too. Mulch, weeding, pruning, and house washing. With some balcony plants on the to-do list.


So that’s our progress and some of our plans for the new yard! It could not be more perfect for us size- and maintenance-wise so, other than the unexpected sod purchase, it should be fairly economical. Unlike our last yard, aka “The Money Pit”.

I enjoy my role as “planner”.  Man am I glad Stu is good at playing in the dirt!

12 Responses
  1. May 6, 2013

    Glad you posted your yard because I some how didn’t make it off your amazing porch to even see the yard. :-)

  2. Grandpa & Grandma Voboril permalink
    May 6, 2013

    Once again your yard looks like paradise! I’ll never forget when my sister Sharon and I visited you in your other house. The yard was so beautiful!

  3. Linda Johnson permalink
    May 7, 2013

    Love the new sod and all you have done to your new home. I cannot wait to come and check it out and play in the back yard with Ethan. Grandma J. loves to dig in the dirt!!

    We finally had a beautiful day yesterday!! Like St. Louis Nebraska has had a cold/wet spring.

  4. May 7, 2013

    Love it!!!! The difference is amazing.

  5. May 7, 2013

    Maybe try Gringo Jones for big planters. Rolling Ridge Nursery in Webster had a great selection as well last time I was there.

    We’re planning to re-sod this year too – we just can’t keep grass growing well in our yard – eventually the clover and weeds take over. Last years drought did nobody’s yard any good, so I’m not surprised that two dogs did that. Just our kids playing in the dust destroyed our yard.
    Kristin recently posted..lucky thirteen: almost thereMy Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      May 7, 2013

      I was just over there the other day! I had it my head I needed a fountain, but after a little sticker shock I decided a pot would be better :) Ethan went nuts over all the fountains. I’ll have to check out Rolling Ridge! Thanks!

  6. May 7, 2013

    So pretty!! Good planning and sod makes every thing look better. Your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood.

  7. Lauren G permalink
    May 8, 2013

    L-o-v-e the sod! I’ve been busy watering mine and it is sooo worth it. Your yard looks fantastic all around.

  8. michelle o permalink
    May 10, 2013

    garden heights in richmond heights has amazing pots… and they go on pretty big sale 1-3 times a year…
    also, it’s RIGHT by our house! come say hi!

    • Becky permalink*
      May 10, 2013

      I LOVE that nursery, they are so helpful! Bought tons of stuff from them for our old Maplewood house (sniff). And we’d love to come visit! See that house in which you have nothing left to fix up. :)

  9. October 6, 2014

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