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Bachelorette Bash

2012 April 30
by Becky

Whew!!!  It’s been quite a weekend.

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Yes, it was bachelorette-city baby!

My best friend Erika is getting married in July and we took the weekend to celebrate. It started with a bachelorette party in her current hometown of Denver, CO.

For the past six months I’ve been coordinating with her other bridesmaids and personal attendant to plan a blow-out night of debauchery to celebrate her pending nuptials. It began with an invitation. An invitation that I dreamed of as soon as we settled on taking a pole dancing class…

bachelorette invitation

I took plenty of inspiration from the web, but added my own twist when I created these spectacular invitations at home using InDesign, good quality paper, and my home printer. It was tricky getting all the information on there, but I think it all worked out great! I had a blast assembling them and could not wait for Erika’s reaction.

So while Ethan was entertaining Erika’s mom Kandi (who was kind enough to babysit), we hit the town for a happy hour, pole dancing class (that’s right, I learned how to pole dance and it was a freakin’ blast), drinks, and more drinks.

We donned Erika’s crown and veil at the beginning of the night…she wasn’t super thrilled at first, but after a few drinks she really embraced the embarrassment. That’s when we added a furry pink sash. I told her pay back is a bi-atch (at my bachelorette she put me in a bright pink, poofy veil and crown, plus a sucker bouquet). 

See what I mean? She loved it. (That ring lit up bright red…it was sweet)

With about 12 girls, we headed out into downtown Denver with a misson to have fun.

Misson accomplished.

Other than getting to spend a couple quality days with Erika, the highlight of my weekend was spending time with my high school and college friend Jenny (above, in yellow) who I rarely get to see. She left the boys at home for the evening (her husband and two kiddos) to live it up single-style.

Jenny, like me, kept the drinking to a minimum because mommy duties don’t wait for hangovers to end (I learned that the hard way). So she graciously drove us home. At 3am.

Even Ethan got in on the fun. The next morning (while Erika slept like the dead) Ethan tried on her crown.

Ok, I put the crown on him and he took it off after about 10 seconds. Who cares, it was super cute.

This was just the beginning of my week in the midwest…stay tuned for more, including the bridal shower!


Sources: Sash – pink ribbon from Michael’s, black rhinestone lettering from RegalRhinestones on Etsy, faux fur from Michael’s; Invitations – DIY based on web inspiration, paper from The Paper Source, fonts from; Mustache bib by Applesauce Crafts on Etsy. Pole dancing class was taken at Tease Studio.

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