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Baby, It’s COLD Outside!!!

2012 January 16
by Becky

It. IS. FREEZING here.

We got all bundled up Saturday and headed to Del Ray for Stu’s favorite tacos, to be followed by a walk around town. We made it one block before turning back…the wind was wicked and our fingers were frozen. Little Man was toasty warm in his snow suit and blanket, but we couldn’t handle it!!

So yesterday we popped over to the capital for an inside activity!

Yes, that’s Ethan and me in front of the Hubble telescope (well, a replica anyway). We spent a few brain-filling hours in the warmth of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. It was overwhelming to say the least! Ethan loved it. He immediately discovered the planes hanging overhead and was riveted through the whole visit. Everything in this place was just HUGE!

We let him loose for a few minutes in front of the SkyLab…he could have cruised around that place all day.

We practiced a little waving too. Ethan is getting really good! He only likes to wave with his right hand because the left thumb has to be reserved for his mouth…he’s a thumb sucker. We are about 90% sure he’s a Righty.

You could visit this museum every day for a year and STILL not see/read/absorb everything. I actually felt dumber when we left—I realized how much I don’t know about air and space. Can’t wait to go back!

Other things I accomplished this weekend included signing Ethan up for swimming lessons (yay!!), hemming our bedroom curtains, making spinach souffles for the Little Man, and adding some bunting to Ethan’s room.

This bunting was left over from Ethan’s birthday party. No matter the time of day, it’s practically impossible to get good lighting in this room, so the colors here are off. But if the pictures were good, you’d see this bunting is the perfect pop of color needed on this wall to make things look a little more “finished.” Ethan even noticed it! He smiled, pointed, and stared at the bunting the first time he saw it. So cute.

I made two of these little gems out of left over fabric and ribbon. I made a cardboard template of the flags (for consistency), cut out two triangles of fabric per flag, then sewed the pieces right-side together, leaving the flat top open. My ribbon was nice and wide (4″?) so I folded it in half, ironed the fold, pinned in the flags, and then zig zagged my flags into the fold, leaving about 6″ of space in between them.

I love that the flags are finished on both sides and the whole piece is very sturdy. I have a 2nd set to put somewhere…maybe in my new craft space? Just one more project I’ll be sharing with you soon…

Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Sandy Schon permalink
    January 16, 2012

    Craft space!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for that. Ethan looks so much older than when he was here! When I’m there in Feb. sounds like indoor activities are in order and museums are perfect. Can’t wait to see my “little man.” (and you guys!)

  2. February 4, 2019

    Hi thanks for sharing this valuable information you always share something different from others

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