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And Then It Was Fall

2015 October 5
by Becky

Last week I was putting on shorts in the hot, hot afternoons, cursing the tan that left my legs too fast, lusting after the scarves and boots gracing the covers of every catalog delivered to my house.

This weekend? It’s fall. Like over the top, in yo face fall and we couldn’t wait to soak up the chilly breezes. If it’s even possible, we may have gone fall-crazy. It was slightly disgusting and over the top, the stuff of annoying #fall hastags and gourd-covered Facebook pages. It started with the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Annual Market, an event we’re sure to hit every year.


I couldn’t believe how cold it was, we left the house in multiple layers and fuzzy things like hats and fleece—luckily I found an Ethan hand-me-down hat with a velcro strap to keep it on Finn’s head, he’s NOT a hat guy. He was pissed at me all morning…until I placed him in a pile of pumpkins.



He tumbled around with his baby buddy, Mia, and refused to smile for 99% of my pictures. Whatever, he was clearly happy. We’ve been pointing out pumpkins for weeks now and Finn is totally in the know.

A trip to the MOBOT Market Days wouldn’t be complete without a ritual cow-milking, Ethan gets more brave every year. This year I suggested he stick his head under for a taste and he was almost game (I actually had to stop him, to the delight of the UMSL student’s handling the bovines). 


Spending the morning with the boys at the market was wonderful, they are such good kids. We must have walked by a hundred booths and the complaining was extremely minimal. Finn came around to hats when we procured new ones at the Dinohaven booth, I’ve been eyeing these adorable fleece caps for years and could wait no longer. Ethan’s hat has Dino spikes and a tail, he is obsessed.

After big naps, I pulled out Ethan’s old Ugg boots for Finn (they barely fit), I put on my new fleece-lined tights (which are so comfortable they may stay on my legs till Spring), and my handmade wrist warmers—courtesy of my sweet friend Allison—were dug out of storage. A blanket went in the stroller. These are just a few of my favorite things.



We made short walks in the wind, took off Ethan’s training wheels for a few wobbly trips down the alley, and watched the (tragic) Nebraska game by the fire. Dinner was a chicken stew with roasted butternut squash (adapted from this recipeand our coveted Schlafly Oktoberfest.


And, not to be too cliche, but our Sunday morning began with Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancakes with a side of the most fantastic Bolyard’s breakfast sausage. Fall tastes sooooo good.


I know it’s a box mix, not usually my style so I get it if you just wrinkled your nose at this pic, but seriously, this stuff is incredible and only on sale for this season so hurry.

I think we all feel a bit more like ourselves when less skin is exposed and short exertions don’t cause trickles of sweat. Summer is just a cruel joke and swimming is supposed to make up for it. Plus, isn’t trying on jeans SO much more fun than squeezing into swim suits? Speaking of, I traded in an old pair jeans at Madewell on Sunday and got $20 off a new pair! Hello new denim. The deal goes through Dec. 31, 2015, and you can trade in any brand. Old jeans are shredded and turned into insulation for Habitat for Humanity houses. Pretty sweet little deal.

Seeing Finn all dressed up in his sweatshirts and socks and funny hat and fancy shoes, he looks so much like a little boy.



Hope you are feeling fall-ish wherever you read this! It’s here.




2 Responses
  1. October 6, 2015

    Love the post! The boys are growing so fast and looks like fall agrees with them as well. This is my time of year too. Starting to feel like fall here and some trees are turning and the mums are blooming and the pumpkins are all over. I expect beautiful fall color in St. Louis when we are there for Finn’s big birthday. It was gorgeous last year at this time. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    October 7, 2015

    I too love this post. My favorite time of the year. The boys are adorable and love watching them grow through your lens. You take such amazing photo’s. Enjoy the Fall in St. Louis!

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