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Afternoons in the Gardens

2016 April 19
by Becky

The same thing happens every single year, the weather goes from cold and dreary to sunny and warm and overnight it seems I’ve been rejuvenated. I feel like spray painting things and throwing away entire rooms of stuff and planting things in the yard (after which I totally lose interest in said plants and their survival relies completely on Stu’s green thumb.)

And my favorite part of April…being outside in perfect weather. We spent the entire weekend outside on the porch, in the yard, Stu taking the boys for walks and bike rides, and we hosted a little neighborly happy hour to watch our feral children rule the back yard.

We’ve been to the Botanical Gardens no less than five times in the past two weeks…I can’t stop. Even if it’s for 45 minutes, we go. Last night after school was one of those times.


I’ve been putting more milage on Das Boot, hobbling around in all my velcro-crunching glory. I am so incredibly grateful for this gigantic, ugly boot cramping my spring style—I don’t even care. I’m walking. It’s been three weeks and my broken foot seems to be less broken, so I’m looking forward to my x-rays this Wednesday to witness the healing process.

Really, nothing could stop me from getting here.


My favorite garden accessories are back, the gorgeous Chihuly onions. When we rounded the corner Ethan screamed, “Mom! The onions are back!!” and Finn screamed, “Ball! Ball!” Kid loves balls.

We can get to the gardens from Ethan’s school by 3:50 if we’re in the zone, which gives us an hour before closing…technically. Last night we were there till well past 5 and no one said a word.


In fact, it was 4:50pm when Ethan talked me into venturing farther and father until we were alllll the way around to the koi bridge only to find it koi-less. But Finn discovered the fish food dispenser and spent 15 minutes picking leftover morsels out of it’s crevices. I think he only ate one.

Then he found an inch worm and that was another 10 minutes of pointing and exciting wiggling.


And then we rode all the sheep. Never will I get sick of snapping these pictures. I wonder if MOBOT designers ever imagined this little flock would be every single child’s favorite part.

Our days just got a little easier and way more fun. Being out in the fresh air is a game changer and I can’t wait to be back to my old, two-regularly-shoed-footed self. Until then I’ll just be crunching and stomping as far as I can.

What’s the first thing you do when the weather gets nice? 

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  1. April 19, 2016

    What’s my favorite thing to do, you ask? Exactly this.

  2. Sandy schon permalink
    April 20, 2016

    What a magical place. So glad you spend time there with those precious boys!!!

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