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A Week of Things

2017 March 8
by Becky

Hello from the midwest, where we’re in the midst of a crazy non-winter weather phenomenon.

Our city is a confused bunch of sneezy people, consistently over- or under-dressed because who the heck knows what our day will bring. Not snow, that’s for sure. We’ve had not one day of sledding. Our trees are blooming, daffodils are sprung. All signs point to Spring…and there’s a forecast of snow for Saturday.

We just dress in layers.

Plus we’ve been too busy to worry about temperatures.

First off, the kids decided to ditch gymnastics for swimming lessons at Little Fishes Swim School, and in just a few weeks both were moved up a level. Even Finn, technically too young for the next class, graduated from “toddler lessons” to ones that don’t include me…it’s just teachers and students.

I’m not even sad.


Other new activities were soccer and chess lessons. This month we’re testing out Kidzxplor, which is basically a membership program that let’s us try out a bunch of things without committing our busy lives to them. Finn loved his Kickaroo’s class at Vetta Soccer, and I loved that it didn’t involve me signing up for a session of 10 classes.


Ethan loves chess and we thought a private lesson at the fabulous Chess Club and Scholastic Center would be fun. It was! He loved his teacher and couldn’t wait to get home to show dad his new moves. If you aren’t sure what your kid is into, or just have commitment-phobia like me, check out Kidzxplor…they just added a new pricing structure to meet any budget. I love the variety of classes, short notice sign-ups, and easy cancellations if your schedule changes (not like that ever happens, ha).


Sunday was spent participating in an amazing new St. Louis organization called We Stories. The moment I heard the owners Adelaide and Laura featured on St. Louis Public radio, I knew we had to be involved. We Stories wants to help parents communicate with their small children, ages 0-7, about race and racism by providing resources and a community of like-minded families. For generations there’s been an idea that if we just don’t talk about our differences, having “color blindness”, everyone will be ok and see each other as equals. Now we know the opposite is true, we need to make a concerted effort to bring up the topics of race with our kids, talk about skin color and cultures. It’s something we’ve made a effort to do with our kids, especially Ethan since he’s at an age where he understands oh so many huge concepts. It’s hard and uncomfortable at times, but so important. And there’s clearly plenty of families interested in participating in this community because in 15 months We Stories has enrolled over 450 families, that’s like 800 kids, in their program. We’re so excited to be involved!!


At the We Stories launch event we were given a tote bag full of children’s books specifically tailored to our boys’ wide age range. So far, we love reading Ron’s Big Mission and People with Ethan, while Finn has enjoyed Happy in Our Skin and is pretty enamored with Squeak, Rumble, Whomp Whomp Whomp…you have to be in a good mood to read that one since it’s full of sounds…made by you. Finn’s also very taken with Please, Baby, Please, a book with the sweetest illustrations and a story that speaks directly to his age group.


A sad part of our weekend involved a tough decision. For weeks our sweet Buff Orpington, Georgina, has been mercilessly tortured by our other chickens. She wasn’t allowed to perch at night, even when we added another perch, and couldn’t be in the vicinity of the others without being attacked. So we took her to the farm…no we really did…where she will hopefully have a better life with her original hatch-mates. Tears were shed. Over a chicken. Who knew?


As if he didn’t have enough gaps, Ethan lost yet another tooth. If he loses anymore, we’ll need to start pureeing his food. At least he’s symmetrical now!


And we went temporarily insane, deciding to take Finn to his first theater movie because we couldn’t wait another minute to see the Batman Lego Movie. Ethan was SO excited, especially when I presented his Lego Batman t-shirt (via H&M, had that in my back pocket for weeks). We are huge fans of the original Lego Movie and this one did not disappoint. It is hilarious and the plot is actually really good! Finn was a champ, eating popcorn, drinking water, playing with the reclining seat, and, finally, snuggling his blanket which we’d brought as an emergency intervention.

So that’s what’s been going on around here. Stu’s in town this week, yay!! And every day just feels one step closer to Spring Break…

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    March 8, 2017

    Congratulation’s to Ethan and Finn on the swimming advancement. Way to go boy’s!
    Love Ethan’s new smile and his hair looks like mine in the morning. Hahaha
    Enjoy your spring break in Florida.

  2. Sandy schon permalink
    March 8, 2017

    Sounds like lots of fun and interesting things are going on with you guys. Thx for the details and pics to help explain. Spring break is right around the corner. It was in the 80s here today and the beach was perfect. Should be a great time.

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