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A Letter to My Boy On His Second Birthday

2012 December 28
by Becky

Dear Ethan,

I’ve just cut out the last paper banner, hung streamers on the ceiling, and created 30 mini chocolate school buses in preparation for tomorrow…your second birthday. It seems impossible a year has gone by already, but yet you are so ready for this birthday, it makes the milestone somehow easier to believe.


Before sitting down to write this I looked back one year ago at my first letter to you, when you turned one. I was so surprised to see that, while it feels like you are SO different, so many things about you have stayed the same. For instance, you are still so sweet and friendly. Quick with a smile and a “HI!” even to people you’ve just met. You still have beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes that sparkle with knowledge. You still LOVE animals…zoos, pumpkin patch goats, anything. And you still love to be picked up, held, and snuggled. And, very important, you still sleep a solid 12 hours every single night (again, THANK YOU!).

But, of course, you have changed in a million ways. You walk, sometimes run, everywhere. We have to bribe you into your stroller when we know your little leggies are tired from going so far. You are always on the move, playing with toys, picking up rocks or sticks, and finding things to get into all over the house.


You understand so many things. Like Santa? You knew exactly what was going down with that guy and his reindeer pals (even if you did freak out when we saw him in person…understandable). And your books? Holy smokes you have grasped some pretty complex concepts dealing with trains, elephants, and pumpkins, which makes reading to you that much more fun.

And you talk. OMG can you talk. It seems like you know every word! Strings of sentences flow past your little lips as if you’ve been saying them for years. Like when you request poached eggs with toast for breakfast?  Or ask to hear “Wicked” in the car? And I never thought that before age two you’d be complimenting my style, “Cute shoes mama!” How can I resist your request, “Please can I play with Mama’s phone for a little bit?” The list goes on and on. You floor us with your words and sometimes make us laugh so hard we cry. Teaching you to talk has been an absolute blast that I can’t wait to hear what you say next. 

The first time you brought me flowers, you said “Good luck mama!” before a choir concert.
Dad told you what to say, but it was still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

You want to do things, as you put it, “On own”. This is a fairly recent development, but it’s spreading like wildfire. Stairs, tooth brushing, eating, climbing, brushing hair, getting dressed…even the potty is starting to interest you (though that probably has something to do with the M&M reward system). I am so excited for you to be independent and I’m sorry if we hold you back by doing too much for you still…no doubt you’ll let us know soon enough. It’s just hard to not do everything for our little Peanut.

Some of your absolute favorite things include: all food especially chocolate, fire trucks, school buses, elephants, your brontosaurus, trains, cooking, books, going outside, music, Thomas the Train, Toy Story, fire, Sharkie (AKA Puffle), and playing iPhone/iPad games. And you LOVE your extended family, of whom you got to see a lot this year!


You’ve gotten a little, let’s say, “ornery”, in the past month or so. Squirming a little more, whining a little more, and your demands have increased exponentially…good thing you almost always say please and thank you. So we’re crossing our fingers and hoping our perfect little man doesn’t go full blown “Terrible Twos” on us. Even if that happens, you’ll still be so stinkin’ cute we won’t care. :)

And you’ve gotten big. You are so tall you can reach almost every table surface in our house…which makes dad and I clean up a lot more often. You are so heavy we can’t carry you for very long, even though we want to. Which is why I hug and kiss you a little too much—because I dread the day you’ll be so big and independent you won’t need us to hold you anymore. Thanks for being such a good sport about it.


So here we are, the two year mark, which means no more “adjusted age”, no more preemie stuff. Not like anyone can tell you were a preemie anymore…even we still look at your baby pictures and can’t believe how tiny you were. Just like we knew would be the case, you are right where you should be if not beyond. And to think we were so worried two years ago, sitting in the NICU holding your bitty hand. I know your story inspires other preemie parents who are just starting out…hearing about kids like you is what got me through…that’s why I love telling it so much.

I hope you love your school bus party tomorrow baby boy…I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store. You are such a good boy and I am fascinated by every single thing you do. Watching you learn and grow has been the most amazing event in my life.

I love you so much and feel so lucky every single day to be your mom.

Happy Birthday Buddy.

Love, Mom

3 Responses
  1. December 28, 2012

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful letter. It was right on. He’s the best!!!

  2. Grandpa Joe permalink
    December 28, 2012

    Love it.
    I agree with “growing up” too fast.
    So glad we’ve been able to enjoy Ethan as we have.
    Looking forward to Your Birthday Blast.

  3. Kristan permalink
    December 28, 2012

    So sweet!!

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