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A Five Point Plan to Eliminate “Baby Fog”

2015 August 15
by Becky


I don’t know if it’s “baby fog” or just plain old no-schedule-summer-funk, but my head is out of whack.

The last few months have felt like my most unproductive ever. Everything I do takes at least twice as long to do as usual…hence the lack of blog posts. Sure we’ve had fun, we did tons of St. Louis exploring, traveled, and spent ridiculous amounts of time outside. Ethan went to super fun camps (which I will talk about…someday) and, probably most exciting for me, saw his first musical! We got last minute tickets to Beauty and the Beast at the Muny. I was nervous about the 8:15pm start time (he’s usually in bed by 7:30) but Ethan did great and really liked the show.

So yeah it’s been great but, I’m ready. Ready to get life back on track. I’m ready to shake whatever this is that has my brain running on autopilot. It sure is a good thing…


Besides the fact Ethan will be in school FOUR days a week till 3:30pm, I’m working on a five point plan to get my motivation back, my body back, and my brain functioning at normal speeds.

1. Get my butt to the gym. At least three times a week. Finn will be fine in the Tot Watch (get over the guilt!), my energy soars when I finish a workout on that bike/elliptical/strider/weight bench, and, who knows, after a few weeks I may actually start to enjoy it again. I need a weekly schedule, complete with routine, to make planning easier. This morning’s run on the treadmill was invigorating (remember how I said I’d never run again after my whole back debacle? I made it two years.) especially since I passed the time watching a quirky movie called Comet on Netflix.

2. Eat right, damn it! Today I began a 28 day detox that just might kill me. No dairy, no caffeine, no gluten, no alcohol, no sugar…you’ve heard this before. It’s not the Whole 30 but basically the same thing. Extreme? Yes. Necessary? Yes. My friend Erika is an Arbonne rep and dragged me suggested I join her for this cleanse because it’s just what I need to stop fluctuating around the same three pounds as I’ve done for a month now. There’s a leader who meal plans and offers motivation…that should help. Plus it’s perfect timing—no travel or weddings or parties coming up—I couldn’t say no. So if I’m mean and unbearable to be around for the next few weeks, blame the lack of bakery treats and coffee. And give Stu a hug, he’ll need it.


3. Write every day. I’m in a creative slump, these days writing is so much a chore instead of an outlet. So it’s time to get back to writing something, even if it’s just some post card copy for an adorable new children’s consignment shop client, every day. I’d like to use the creative side of my brain to help me finish our photo album, start Finn’s baby book (a much quicker project since I’m sticking with the same format as Ethan’s), a few newsletter submissions for MOMS club, maybe I’ll dabble with my children’s book concepts, and, of course, blog posts. I want to talk about baby products and toys and clothes and food…there’s so much on my mind and it just. can’t. come. out. Writing every day should help that.


4. Pick up a camera that doesn’t start with “i”. My DSLR has been used no more than once a month since the warm weather hit. It sits on my living room mantel, waiting to capture some precious moment, watching me make due with my phone. If it weren’t for Finn’s monthly photos, I’d probably forget how to use it! Time to pick it up, point, and shoot. A lot.

5. PUT DOWN THE PHONE. Just put it down, stop looking at it, stop checking email or looking up whatever silly thing comes into my head. Time to turn on the app that tracks my usage so I see just how pathetic I’ve become, staring at the screen WAAAAY too often. There is nothing important to see on Instagram, no messages came through in the last 30 seconds, and the weather is what it is. So I’m setting the phone down and walking away…as often as possible. Leaving it in another room, on a another floor, in my purse. Which means I may take more than 15 seconds to return a text or call. Sorry for the inconvenience, but my brain is turning to mush.

So that’s my plan. It’s already in motion. Are you going to be checking back to see how long I make it on my detox diet? Can I possibly do it? Whatever the case, life should be back to normal, whatever that means, in the next 30 days. I hope.

How do you tackle summer? Any tricks to keep the fog at a manageable level? Do struggle to get things back to normal once school starts? 

6 Responses
  1. August 15, 2015

    Ugh, I’ve tried these things. So hard. Except for the digital sabbatical – that was easy. Good luck!

    • Becky permalink*
      August 16, 2015

      I do remember you doing this stuff after J was born, did any of it help?

  2. August 19, 2015

    Ooh, good luck. Sounds like good back to school goals, although anything with detox or cleanse in it sounds frightening.

    I really have to have rules for my phone, and for the most part I stick to them. We plug our phones in downstairs after work, so they aren’t around us after dinner or through the evening. (Because we are mostly on the second and third floors after dinner.) I use my phone some nights to photograph dinner, and then I check it before we all head upstairs for the evening, and then I check in when we do the final pass through the house to check doors, turn off lights, etc. It does make me a little inaccessible, but honestly, our family has our house phone number for emergencies, so it doesn’t bother me too much. (If my kids are not at home, then I do keep it on me.) I know some people use their phones for an alarm clock, but I don’t even like my phone on the same floor where I sleep. And that way I’m not on it until I unplug it from the charger five minutes before I leave the house. I will admit to using Instagram for company when I’m up late working on projects though!! ;)

    The fitness thing is no joke though. It makes all the difference in the world in strength and mood and focus. (And generally feeling badass.)
    Kristin recently posted..weeknight plum torteMy Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      August 20, 2015

      Amazing system, I totally agree that plugging in a phone and walking away is the only way to forget you have it to look up every little thing that comes to mind or text a friend RIGHT when you think of something to tell them. I do like it around to snap pics of the kids, but man if it’s in reach and the kids are occupied, I’m on it. Pathetic. All I can think of is WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE IPHONES??? Scary.

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