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2015: Year in Review Family Video

2016 February 1
by Becky

As I mentioned last week, our family video is done!

I think it feels like a bigger deal this year because it was the first time it had to cover both kids…and allllll the adorable, ground-breaking (kidding) things they did over the past 12 months. Sure technically last year’s video included Finn, but he was so tiny and immobile, the video was pretty much the usual Ethan Show. This year I wanted to touch on major events in each of their lives while making the movie feel comprehensive and about our whole family.

I’m pretty happy with the result!

(If you are viewing this post through email on a mobile device, you are probably seeing a nasty little message about a Flash player. Just click the title of the movie to watch on the Vimeo site.)

Evidence of another awesome year.

I think my favorite parts of this year’s video are 1. Ethan learning to ride his bike, and 2. The clips of Ethan and Finn playing. They don’t always get along, but for the most part these little peeks give a true depiction of their interaction and it is exactly what I’d always dreamed brothers would be.

Oh and the part with Ethan crying and telling me I “broke his heart” by letting his toad go, I could watch that drama unfold 50 times and never stop laughing. He gets a pretty big kick out of that little scene (now, not so much in the moment).

Want to see a few more videos? Check out my Videos page!

And PS, I get a lot of questions about how to do these video compilations without it taking a) video editing expertise and b) a million hours, so I’ve put together another post that I’ll publish later this week that shares a few tips. 


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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    February 2, 2016

    Love it Becky! Your yearly video’s are the best.

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