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What I’m Reading: 12 Amazing Pre-K Dinosaur Books

2015 October 21
by Becky

We are DEEP in dinosaur obsession around these parts. Ethan had a dino phase when he was about two, then dropped them cold for Rescue Bots and Legos and space and fighter jets until six months ago. Six months ago a switch flipped and he can’t. Get. Enough. So we spend a LOT of time telling dinosaur stories, looking up facts, finding dinosaur shows like DinoTrux (free on netflix, totally awesome!!), and we of course saw some pretty stellar skeletons on our DC trip.

We also scour the library catalog for dinosaur books. We’ve been checking them out by the stack to supplement our small collection at home. Here are some of our favorites so far.


1. We actually haven’t read the Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs with Ethan yet, but plan on giving it to him for Christmas. We have the Space edition and it’s really incredible…I read it and am amazed! So we can’t wait to ready the dinosaur version and learn so much more, he retains information like a little sponge.

2. Brontorina is a story about overcoming adversity to make dreams come true…or about a giant dinosaur who loves to dance but doesn’t quite fit into any studios. Ethan thought it was hilarious.

3. We reenforced the importance of sharing by reading The Mine-O-Saur, it’s become a common noun if Ethan is reluctant to let Finn play with toys, “Don’t be a Minosaur!” It’s simple and cute.

4. This was our first Magic Treehouse book that just turned out to be the actual first book in the series and happens to be about dinosaurs! Ethan LOVES Dinosaurs Before Dark. It’s exciting, mysterious, even I wanted to know what was going to happen next. We’ve read this little chapter book multiple times and it never gets old for Ethan. We’re excited to try more in the series.

5. Super silly, as usual for Mo Willems, Edwina is a dinosaur who doesn’t know she’s extinct. This book is hilarious, especially the main character’s name: Reginald Von Hoobie Doobie. Ethan and I laughed through the whole thing. No facts or lessons here except for maybe a lesson about not having to be right all the time.

6. My personal favorite isn’t so much a book as a work of art. Encyclopedia Prehistorica isn’t one our library checks out, but our librarian lets us carefully flip through it’s pages. It’s a pop-up book like none I’ve ever seen before, pages filled with large pop-ups and very tiny ones. Carefully folded paper plays out an entire miniature dinosaur world, blowing Ethan’s little mind. If I thought it would last a day without being torn, I’d buy this one.

7. We all know dinosaurs roar, but what happens if the roar goes away? The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar is really simple but sweet and features a T-Rex. Ethan could even help read some of it.


8. What happens to the tiny dinosaurs? Beautiful illustrations help tell the story of how a bitty dinosaur can be a real part of his huge family. The Littlest Dinosaur is adorable and an easy read.

9. It’s hard to imagine the work that goes into getting a dinosaur skeleton to a museum, but this book helped us picture the process. How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum takes readers from the dig to the assembly to the exhibit design—it takes years of hard work to make our museums incredible! Lovely illustrations, an informative and nice (though slightly repetitive) story.

10. I think Patrick’s Dinosaurs was our overall favorite book in this category. We have another wonderful Carol Carrick book (Sleep Out) and I wanted more. Turns out, she wrote this one about two brothers, an older telling the younger about dinosaurs…I can just picture Ethan and Finn in these characters. The younger brother uses his imagination to bring the creatures to life around them, which gets pretty exciting. Ethan loved this book and I think it may need to become a permanent fixture.

11. Because of this book, every time we see a puddle Ethan calls it a “dinosaur footprint!” Tadpole Rex tells a fun story about frogs living in dinosaur time. Apparently frogs have been around for a really long time.

12. Probably one of the cutest and most inventive books I’ve read for a long time. Yet somehow, it seems so realistic? Instead of balloons or a sucker, kids get dinosaurs with EVERYTHING! The barber, the shoe store, even the bakery gives full size dinos to every kid and their moms don’t know quite how to handle it. And I love the ending.

So that’s our short list of the many dinosaur books we’ve been reading. We’re still exploring more books and would love to hear about your favorite dino-themed tales. And please let me know if you’ve read any of these!

Thanks to one of our favorite children’s book blogs, Three Books A Night,  for helping us find some new books.

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  1. October 23, 2015

    Hi Becky! Could you post a round up of your book round ups? I’ve directed two friends to this post in the last two days – didn’t you have a bunch of favorite construction books?
    Julie recently posted..Sunday in the Park(s)My Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      October 23, 2015

      Great idea! And yes I had a couple book posts, but I think you are thinking of my construction gifts ideas? Here is the link the construction part is toward the bottom of the post. Glad these are helpful!

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