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Ethan Talks

2014 August 26
by Becky


We are laughing harder than ever before at the hilarity that exits Ethan’s little mouth. Funniest part? He’s always SUPER serious about it all. 

Dad: “Ethan, what day is it?”
Ethan: “Monday. Then Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, and another day, and then the baby comes out!”

While watching football: 
Ethan: “That’s that quarterback, that’s the running back, and that’s the fence.”
Stu: “DE-fence buddy”
Ethan: “Yeah, fence.”

While driving home before nap time (AKA pretty much the only time I’ll let Ethan have my iPhone):
Ethan: “Mom, can I have your phone in the car?”
Mom: “Yes.”
Ethan: “Thank you mom. That is SUCH a nice word. I love that word.”

Ethan’s new favorite answer to our requests:
Dad: “Ethan, go potty and put on your shoes so we can go for a walk.”
Ethan: “Aye Aye Dad!”


While walking through the lobby, after washing our hands at the doctor’s office. Ethan has a day-old sticker on his hand.
Ethan: “Mom! You got my sticker wet!”
Mom: “Sorry bud, we had to wash our hands.”
Ethan: “Ugh! Mom, it’s really wet. You are ruining my life.”
The full lobby erupts in laughter.

While sitting in traffic.
Mom: “Common!! Go cars!”
Ethan: “Mom, I have special powers to make traffic go faster.”
Ethan squeezes his eyes closed and raises his hands up. Light turns green, cars so moving.
Ethan: “See??? I told you! I have super powers!”

After showing Ethan how to play a new reading-prep game on the iPad:
Ethan: “Ok Mom, I got it. You can go do the laundry now.”

While at the playground next to some kids with their grandma:
Ethan: “Mom, why do grandmas live in Florida?”
Mom: “Not all grandmas live in Florida, just some.”
Ethan: “Lots. Lots of them live in Florida. Let’s go there.”

Trying to rough-house with his pregnant mom, while standing over me, on the couch:  
Ethan: “Mom, I’m going to jump on you, catch me!”
Mom: “Ethan, no way. You will squash the baby.”
Ethan: “Mom, it’s ok. That’s how babies work.”


About anything subject…
Ethan: “Mom/Grandma/Dad, when I was your age…”

On knowing his parents’ strengths: 
Ethan: “Mom, I sat on my helicopter and it broke”
Picking up the broken piece:
Mom: “It’s ok buddy, it will still work, we can’t fix that part.”
Ethan: “I’ll ask dad to fix it when he gets home. He’s an engineer.”

While listening to Rixton’s “Me and My Broken Heart” in the car:
Ethan: “Mom, I don’t get it. How did his heart break?”

While practicing writing letters:
Mom: “Wow, what a good letter B! Pretty soon you will be writing all by yourself.”
Ethan: “Yeah, and then I won’t need you anymore!”

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First Day of Pre-K

2014 August 22
by Becky


It was a big day here on Wednesday, I’m sure you’ve had something similar going on at your house. Excitement about school!!!!

This year we decided to join a new school, one close to us in the city is a full elementary school, PreK-5, but is still small enough to be a tight community of parents and kids. Ethan spent the summer going to camp with some of  his classmates and after an orientation and back to school BBQ last week, we were all super jazzed about Ethan’s first day of Pre-K.

He was ready to leave the house by 7am and it was all I could do to snap a few pictures—I’m shocked a single one is in focus with how wiggly and giddy he was.




This milestone made me reflect on how I’m shocked, each and every day, by what 3.5 year olds can accomplish all on their own. Ethan gets completely dressed—including socks!!!—on his own and even does a pretty good job picking out his outfits (I help, sometimes he comes out in sweatpants and long sleeves, even in 98 degrees).

He buckles the car seat himself (I’ve seen adults have trouble with that 5-point harness!), washes himself, is getting the hang of brushing his own teeth, gets his own water from the fridge, and is completely potty trained.

I’m constantly saying, “You don’t need me anymore!!” and his responses are usually something like, “But Mom, you have to put on your OWN seatbelt!” or “You need to wash your OWN hair!” like he suddenly realized I may not be paying all that much attention to myself when he’s constantly in need of something.

There’s of course stuff we don’t love about 3.5, like the talking back, the incredibly valid arguments he’s constantly giving us, and we don’t always love so much is the silliness…lots of stuck out tongues and poo poo talk and high-pitched squeaks.


But luckily the good far outweighs the bad.

When I dropped him off at school, his teacher, who was also his summer camp teacher, said “Hey Ethan!” but he was so excited/elated/overwhelmed/happy to check out his classroom that he didn’t even hear her. It wasn’t until about five minutes later that he looked up and said, “Oh, hey Amy!”

He barely gave me a “Bye” as I finally left the room…he’s been to preschool before, so why is the first day still so emotional??! I joined the rest of the parents, stalling, shuffling, and absent-mindedly chatting as we reluctantly left our kids for the day. ALL day.

I can’t believe it.

In two years he went from two hours to all day school. Feels like just yesterday we were walking to his first day of “Parents Day Out” in Old Town.


As much as I miss him during the day, I’m pretty exhausted lately (and it’s a million degrees outside this week) so a break is appreciated. Course I spend the whole time he’s gone working on freelance projects, finishing the nursery, running errands, going to doctor appointments, and a hundred other things that are easier to do on my own.

And he probably appreciates the break from me too. He LOVES his school buddies so much and puts his social butterfly skills to good use all day in the classroom.

I think the biggest developments at this age have been with his conversation and reasoning skills…he is totally hilarious. We laugh so hard, every day, at what he comes up with. At pick up, they were finishing “Circle Time” as the parents were let in the room. He ran up to me and with hardly a hello announced, “Ok, So, Mom, I was just a little nervous today and, well, I didn’t really nap, I was too nervous. But we can STILL go get ice cream at the special new place, ok? Ok Mom? It’s ok. We can still do that.” I was laughing so hard at his expressive gestures and inflections…like he’d be planning out this speech ever since that non-existent nap.


The compromise was nap, then ice cream for a first day of school treat. But I of course caved instantly—who wouldn’t?—and we headed to our new neighborhood frozen treat hot spot, Ices Plain & Fancy.

This place is quite the rage.

I’d heard about the goings-on here, but one can’t really appreciate the awesomeness without coming face-to-face with some of Ice’s incredible offerings. The MAKE your ice cream…right in front of you.



Ethan and his buddy Charlie were glued to the window, watching the process that includes pouring a base into a mixer along with some liquid nitrogen. A blow torch is used around the bottom of the mixer bowl to keep things from sticking too much.

The kids were totally into it. And for good reason.

Ethan’s “Berries & Cream” came with fresh whipped cream and frozen berries.


The taste? Smooth but with a frosty kick, not too sweet but bursting with berry flavors. Delicious.

We probably should have just shared that ginormous “regular” size cup (hoping they come out with a kid’s size soon!) but my friend Ashley encouraged me to try the Sump Coffee infused soft serve complete with freeze-dried grounds and really, how could I say no?

They had me at Sump Coffee.


I’m happy to announce we had no problems finishing our treats.

It was a perfect end to what is surely to be an incredible school year! Now if we can just get the napping-at-school thing figured out…

Hope your kiddos are pumped to be back in the classroom! Loving all the Instagram and FB pics of first days. 

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