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2014 At A Glance — Our Yearly Movie

2015 January 28
by Becky

Procrastination finally lost its battle, I have officially finished our yearly “recap” video compilation, just a month shy of year end.

sorta feel like there should be some kind of medal ceremony. I’m clearly getting faster at this because as of Christmas I hadn’t cut single video.

While it’s never polished or professional, I do feel a sense of power taking hours of video down to a quick 10 minutes—especially since there’s twice as many kids to feature this year.

Family Yearly iMovie Making

Call me crazy, but, much like photos, thinking about all those videos just sitting on my computer, never being watched and collecting digital dust makes me want to scream. Many get tossed, things we videod that seemed amazing or cute at the time but really were just shaky and dimly-lit and confusing. Not everything translates to video. But at the end of the day, we’ve used our videos and can easily access them for a quick walk down memory lane.

I imagine our boys’ wives will appreciate this in the very distant future.

The overall project is always daunting at first. Coming up with an order, a story line if you will, is tough. Videos always begin with Ethan’s birthday party, then meander into chronological snippets mixed with segments like holidays or trips. There’s always a dancing/music segment, and this year Finn makes a big appearance about half way through. Upbeat music, our favorites from the year, are added. The goal is quick and fun, not long and tormenting.

Speaking of music, I’ve oddly included TWO Jonsi songs this year. One is from How To Train Your Dragon 2 and the other from We Bought A Zoo. They were two perfect to choose only one. And to Ethan’s sheer delight, I broke down and used the Lego Movie Song, Everything Is Awesome.

Though Ethan has already come to love these videos, this was the first year he got emotional watching his memories unfold. I’m usually tearing up with each review (and I watch it about 150 times while editing), but this time he was the one bawling. Shocked, I asked him what happened, to which he wailed “I miss doing all of those things! When can we do them again?”

Yet another example that four year olds are little balls of emotion.

Anyway, here’s one final toast to another year, another film of cuteness. Without further ado…

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Finn — 3 Months Old

2015 January 25
by Becky

Time is going by so fast and we are so busy that it feels like every other blog post is a monthly Finn update!

Finn Three Months Stats

Finn is perfect. No seriously, he’s amazing. I’m running a huge risk here, making these thoughts public, condemning me to the sure certain fate that everything will change as soon as I click “Publish”.

But in the  spirit of keeping these memories of our boys’ first year, I’m tempting the good-baby gods.

Finn Three Months - Eyes

Of course I’m biased, but he’s absolutely adorable to boot…I’m constantly drowning in those ocean-like blue eyes.

So what’s Finn up to these days other getting all chubby and smushy?

  • Sleep – no complaints in this department! See all the details below…
  • Smiling so much and starting to giggle…oh I can’t wait till he laughs. We haven’t pinned down a giggle trigger yet, it’s always something different that gets him going. Squeezing cheeks always seems to get good results.
  • Cute noises are coming out of his little mouth. Some very clear “Oooo-oooo-oooo’s” and “Geh!’s”, he may be a genius.
  • Th0se noises are usually heard between big drool-y bubbles, he’s training for a career in raspberry blowing.
  • Kicking ferociously. Like a spastic, crazy dude, especially after a diaper change. Nightly “Naked Kick Time” has already been instituted to burn his pre-bedtime energy.
  • Still only cries when he’s tired and/or hungry. This month he was fussier than usual, wanting to eat more often, so I’m guessing a growth spurt was involved. He’s still totally uninterested in any pacifier other than me.

Fussy Boy

  • Grabbing toys. Not for very long or very purposefully, but he’s slowly figuring out those hands. Holding our shoulders and arms, grabbing our fingers and sticking them in his mouth for a gnaw-fest.
  • Losing his hair. It’s all over his bed, our shoulders, his car seat…the end of the fuzzy brown hair is in sight. I predict a big bald head in next month’s pics.
  • Standing. He LOOOOOVES to stand while we support him. He’s still moving his legs in a walking type motion, alternating legs in ‘steps’, which kind of blows our minds. I don’t remember Ethan wanting to stand all the time.
  • Smooth tracking and turning toward sounds. Like silk, those eyes follow us all over, find our voices, and watch all the action—especially big brother playing. Finn watches Ethan was extreme interest, like he can’t wait to jump in and play.
  • Front-facing in the Moby/K’Tan wraps. Since he is SO good at holding up his noggin, I figured it was worth a try and he totally digs it.

Tummy Time

I have yet to dispose of that awful crazy-color chair. It’s kind of perfect in our third-floor play room so it’s sticking around.

  • Napping like a pro. Just before he gets tired (still every 2 hours or so), I feed him a little top-off, swaddle, rock a bit, sing a song, and lay him in his crib awake. A few minutes later, after some wiggling and coo-ing, he falls asleep. It’s a like a little miracle each time.
  • Using his super strength, already busting out of the Miracle Blanket. Our solution? The double swaddle.

Double Swaddle 2

The Sleep Stuff

So the night times have always been so-so, a couple wake ups with easy back-to-beds. It was the initial bedtime routine that had us stumped. Finn would go down only to quickly wake 2-3 times for additional snacks before putting in some serious sleep hours. We had yet to have an actually bed time established. Well in the past week we re-mastered the art of putting him to sleep while still awake. Works like a charm, no more pop-ups, meaning we can put both boys down around 7:30pm. Finn always wakes up once for a five minute speed-feed, sometimes twice. It doesn’t bother me, he goes back down without a peep.

Another dirty trick that’s making sleep go smoothly these days is the Double Swaddle, which consists of the tightly wrapped Miracle Blanket and a light swaddling blanket wrapped on top, feet loose. The early morning swaddle-busts were immediately shut down when we instituted this system.

Next step would have been duct tape. Hey, Dr. Karp says to do whatever it takes.

Naps are spent in the Woombie, which keeps Finn from sleeping too long during the day. We like to keep naps at 1.5-2 hours max. I’m even getting the boys down at the same time for nap on non-school days…it’s blissful. Finn’s really getting the hang of this schedule business.


That’s three months.

It seems like things are sort of falling in to place with this whole two kid thing. It helps when your baby seems to agree with every and all plans—Mr. Flexible. Kind of makes me want another one…but then I remember last week and know this family of four thing is the perfect fit.

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