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Hello Trimester Three

2014 July 27
by Becky

One minute I was walking around a little worried, wishing and hoping to get past the 23 week point, and then BOOM…third trimester is upon us. My 25th week is almost complete.


I took a break from nursery priming and patching to take a few pics…the belly has been growing like crazy. I’m still pretty darn comfortable but have grown out of a couple maternity items, that’s always a little daunting.

Good thing my friends have unloaded tons of maternity wear on me, namely some uber-comfy and soft sweat pants from my friend Kelly. If it weren’t summer, I’d be wearing them everywhere. I wasn’t very pregnant in the summer with Ethan so I’m figuring out some tricks this time, like wearing dry fit shorts under skirts…the only way to be comfortable when it’s 90 and humid.

Somehow our summer, even in St. Louis, has been incredibly mild.

So what’s different this time around?

The movement. This baby boy is rocking and rolling all the time. I can already see the kicks, visibly, when I’m laying down. Like right this minute lounging on the couch typing away. Even at 31 weeks (when Ethan was born) I don’t remember feeling this much action. I assume this is mostly do to placenta placement, this time it’s posterior (on the back) while with Ethan it was anterior (on the front). Ethan LOVE feeling the baby kick, whenever I mention feeling kicks Ethan grabs for the belly.

Another big difference is the (so far) absence of the rib pain I felt most of my second trimester with Ethan. I assume the pain was caused by a) my short torso and b) my sitting at desk all day at work. I don’t sit anywhere near as much during the day with this pregnancy so my aches and paint are minimal.

Cravings died down significantly at around week 22, now I’m just generally starving all the time and trying to keep things fairly healthy. I have weaknesses, like italian pastries and french fries, but fruit and salad are top on the list of priorities.

The progesterone shots are still happening and have been smooth sailing. We were able to lean on friends and family (who happen to be RNs) to administer injections during the mega-holiday (since Stu still isn’t interested in doing it) and I’ve had no noticeable side-effects. Hoping the only side-effect will be staying pregnant. Ha.

One thing that didn’t change this time around…the beginnings of ankle swelling.

I was waiting for it to begin and sure enough, on almost the exact same gestational day as last time, I looked down one afternoon to find mini-cankles. Sweet. I plan to combat swelling this time by elevating the feet every night, staying extra active, and trying these compression sleeves, especially when doing activities like climbing ladders to paint nurseries. They’ve already seemed to make a difference.

What else?

The nursery is coming along—I’m in FULL ON nesting mode.  We’ve named this kid (but it’s not blogg-able at this time) and we’re done traveling till Christmas. I’m still making it to the gym a couple times a week and with this gorgeous weather Ethan, Dewey and I have been walking the park often.

I still worry. The rare (and normal) aches and pains scare me, make me think about last time. Getting past week 31 will help tremendously, but just being past the 23 week point is nice. We saw enough 23 week preemies survive and thrive in the NICU to know things only get easier from here.

Here’s hoping for a nice, long third trimester. 

I’m really trying to write about this pregnancy more…it’s a bummer when I can’t remember what happened last time! 


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Nursery Construction – Framing & Drywall

2014 July 22
by Becky

Complete may be too “final” of a word, but the heavy lifting and building for our new nursery construction is D-O-N-E. It wrapped up right before we left for the Mega-Holiday, taking two highly-skilled contractors about a week to do.

We’re SO incredibly glad we farmed this project out…OMG the drywall sanding alone would have done us in.

So here’s a little progression of how things went down.

Nursery Construction - Before

Nursery Construction - During Framing

Nursery Construction - During Framing2

Nursery Construction - During Insulation

Since the door wall is a pocket door and therefore un-insulatable, I asked for plenty of insulation on the stair wall…anything to keep the temp and diffuse some noise. The guys framed the stair wall on day one but didn’t remove the stair rail until they were ready to install the wall…didn’t want anyone falling overboard.They tried to work with the railing for a always-been-there look.

Nursery Construction - During Drywall

I couldn’t even look as the drywall went up on the stair side. Just seeing the ladder in place was terrifying enough without thinking about someone standing on it mudding and sanding.

Yet another reason we left this to the pros.

The drywall sanding was my biggest concern, scared it would destroy my entire house with dust, but thankfully our guys were outfitted with this incredible vaccuum-sander that really made a huge difference. We closed all the pocked doors to the dining and living room downstairs and for the most part my Swiffer dusters cleaned everything up in a jiff.

To reveal…

Nursery Construction - During Drywall Done

Like it had always been there.

The light pouring in through those transoms was exactly what we had in mind, no dark hallways in this house! They will be filled with glass soon and I’ll be using a very cool faux-leading technique I read about here and here to make them look like the antique windows I had hoped to find (but didn’t have the time or energy search for). 

The interior of this room is REALLY hard to photograph, but this panoramic iPhone shot gives a pretty good idea of what’s happening.

Nursery Construction - Interior Panoramic

My next hurtle is finding a painter to do the ceiling and that big wall residing 20ft off the main floor. I’m not even going to attempt it. So many friends have provided recommendations so the quoting process is underway. It just feels wrong to hire out painting, as it’s always been my thing.

But falling off ladders while pregnant is NOT my thing so we’ll just leave it to the pros. I’ve got the inside of the nursery and any reachable hallway areas to paint on my own…complete with a coat of primer AND two coats of paint. Should keep me plenty busy.

I’m looking forward to sharing details about the trim and salvaged door, plus I’ve been working on the room mood board…I’m finally on a roll. 

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