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Life on Shuffle

2016 September 16
by Becky

The randomness of the last two weeks is, in my opinion, pretty impressive. No two days were even a little alike, no schedule has been kept. It’s as if I looked at our calendar and chose shuffle mode…just throw whatever at us and we’ll figure it out.

It started with a trip to Denver, just Finn and I, visiting my friends Erika and Jeff, son AJ, and brand new baby girl Olivia.


Finn chose this month to become a two year old, throwing tantrums galore if we don’t let him do every little thing on his own. Dare I unzip a snack bag before handing it to him or try to buckle his shoe. There was a helpful development though, in his ability to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad. This trick makes flights an absolute delight—I READ MY BOOK ON THE PLANE. It was like a vacation.

That is, as long as I didn’t attempt to plug in the headphones for him.


I just Kept. Feeding. Him.

We landed back home and like two seconds later we headed to The Hill so Ethan could ride in the Gateway Cup kids bike race. It was one of our favorite events last year and we couldn’t wait to go again! He was incredible, so excited and rode like a champ! This year sans training wheels, wha wha??


Ethan is doing great in school, Finn LOVES going to nursery two days a week. Things have been learned! In fact, it was only a week before we realized he’d learned something astonishing…how to tie his shoes!!! We were absolutely floored the first time he did it for us, as if it were no big deal.

Tying shoes is SO hard! Something I never realized until I tried to teach him…and it seemed impossible. But he got it and I’m so damn proud of him.


Speaking of school, Ethan has had his first official homework assignment (that thankfully took all of 3 minutes to complete) and brought home his very own (rented) violin. The whole school learns from the on-staff instructor, something I was really excited about two years ago and now have neutral feelings about…at this point it’s another thing to be in charge of.


Evenings were full. Book club, volunteer meetings, we hosted a farewell party and work dinner at our house, school meetings, and a Wednesday night concert that was a little too much fun. But I had to go! A musician friend, Lucas Jack, was making his St. Louis debut and it wasn’t to be missed. His opener was Miss Emily Wallace so, needless to say, it was an excellent night.


Oh and that next day, Thursday? Ride your bike to school day. Dragging myself out of bed, I was in no shape to navigate the city streets all the way (2.3 miles) to school, especially since it required pulling Finn in the trailer behind me. So we parked a few blocks away from school and biked/strollered the rest.

Hey, we got there, on time, with a bike, so in my mind it was a success.


If you follow me on Instagram (@preparingforpeanut, just in case you need it),  you’ve seen the beginnings of our chicken coop for our “permanent flock” as I like to all the three little darlings who will be manning the back yard for the foreseeable future. This coop has the potential to be totally awesome or a complete failure, as we’re not known for our carpentry skills and that’s pretty much what the whole project requires.

Whatever the case, you’ll hear all about it.



That there is Finn’s “chicken pose”. Every time he picks up a chicken, he gives me a huge, toothy grin and usually throws in a “Baby Chicken!!!!” Apparently he’s be asked to do that a few times before? Not sure where he picked it up.

As for the rest of my time, there were friends to help and new mommies to cook for and Finn to entertain and I even squeezed in a little photography favor, one that took place in 100 degree sun for over two hours. I said goodbye to a dear friend who left St. Louis for sunny Florida and finally finished a work project that turned out great. And tonight was supposed to be a magical one spent in Forest park gazing at glowing hot air balloons, but the rain put an end to our favorite event of the year…without so much as cooler temps as a payoff.

I guess an evening on the couch is payoff enough.

This weekend will be no different, we’ll be running from one thing to next (as long as the rain doesn’t ruin it all), but come Monday I’m hoping there will be some semblance of routine. Maybe a visit to the gym?

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Five Favs: September

2016 September 6
by Becky

Five Favs - September

And yet another month is gone in a flash, August was not “fav-less”. We had plenty of new discoveries leading into the end of summer and I’m pretty excited to share them with you! Let me know if you’ve heard of them…

  1. Unless you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean buried under the Titanic, Stranger Things has been buzzing in your ears. Everyone is talking about it and we’re no different…it’s amazing. Well, ok. It’s only amazing if you loved classic 80’s movies like Goonies, E.T., Stand By Me, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. If you are like us and have seen most of these 20+ times, you’ll be in heaven with this Netflix original about a group of unconditional buddies looking for their friend Will who mysteriously vanished. The acting is incredible and story riveting—bing watching is pretty unavoidable.
  2. One of my favorite friends is (sob) moving away to sunny Florida, leaving their first house, the one they brought two baby girls home to. After seeing one of her masterpieces in another friend’s home, I knew Christina’s Chalkboard Creations was where to get the perfect going away gift. All I needed was to stalk their house for pictures, send them to Christina, and she dropped off the most beautiful hand-drawn portrait complete with a few words. Her prices are so reasonable and her talent is impressive.
  3. With Ethan’s Lego fixation and consumption reaching new levels, I just had to give Netbricks a try. So far we are thrilled to be “renting” instead of buying $100’s in Lego sets that would otherwise be put together only to be lost amidst the general collection in no time. Basically you sign up for a plan (with either 30 or 60 day shipments…read carefully so you don’t explain it wrong to your 5 year old like I did…big mistake), choose the sets you’d like to try out of the 100’s of sets they have, including rare, discontinued, and brand new sets, wait for them to ship, and go to town. The pieces are sorted and sanitized and arrive in perfect condition. They don’t even mind if you lose a few pieces! Ethan has mastered 1000+ piece set with instruction manuals the size of magazines and it cost us a fraction of the retail price. It’s very fun sending them back for new sets too! He never begs me to buy sets anymore, and never gives us trouble about sending things back. We’re big fans so far.
  4. At a school event last year I saw this necklace and had to have it. I asked the owner where she’d obtained this simple beauty and she told me Loop Jewelry on Etsy. Based out of Portland, owner Lauren makes gorgeous geometric necklaces and earrings, selling them at entirely reasonable prices. Her craftsmanship is worth every penny! Every time I wear my necklace I get stopped and asked about it! I’ll be putting another one on my Christmas list for sure.
  5. We’ve been giving the show Roadies, on Showtime, a try. It’s pretty good, but the music is amazing I’ve discovered a few new bands, like Halsey. She was on the show and performed a couple songs and I fell head over heels. I’m obsessed with Ghost, it’s moved to the top spot on my “chill” playlist, but the whole Badlands album is really good—I’m in fact listening as I write this—her voice is completely mesmerizing.

Love these? Hate them? Have a few to add? Please send your favs my way!

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