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Exploring STL: Suson Farm (and Citrus Zinger review)

2015 April 25
by Becky


The adventures are piling up around here now that the grass is green and skies are (usually) sunny and blue. Sure there’s often a nip in the air but any excuse to put Ethan in his yellow hoodie is fine by me. So, after seeing a Facebook pic of some new baby pigs, I couldn’t get us to to Suson Park fast enough. This totally incredible (and free) county park is just about 20 minutes down Hwy 55 and features fishing ponds, yet another fabulous playground, and barns full of adorable farm animals.


We wanted to snuggle one (all) of those bitty snouts in a baaaad way. These babies were only five days old and about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They weren’t the only babies, we saw baby sheep, baby goats, and a baby cow.  A special treat was the giant Belgian horse who was totally open to letting us pet his enormous head.  And a there was this turkey.


Suson Park (or Suson Farm as many people call it) is the type of place you just have to picnic…your trip isn’t complete without commandeering a picnic table under a shady tree and throwing sandwich remains at passing ducks. So of course we were sure to bring along our new water bottle, any picnic is better with some icy, orange-strawberry infused water.


Zing Anything was kind enough to send us a CitrusZinger to try so we’ve been toting all over St. Louis, drinking probably twice as much water when fresh fruit is involved. Most mornings I use the base reamer to squeeze a fresh orange or lemon, add an over-ripe strawberry or a couple smushy raspberries in there, close the bottom, then fill with water and ice.


The berries and citrus float around in the water, continuing to infuse it without letting any seeds or pieces float up the straw. We can typically refill the water two or three times and still get fruity flavor from the same muddling of fruit. I love that it’s all contained, nothing extra to clean, the reamer directs the fresh juice right into the bottle instead of across the counter or in my eye.


This company has some great ideas. There’s a Zing 54 version of this bottle for making big batches of infused water (or sangria? I really want to whip up a little fruity booze in my water bottle), there’s a Salad Zinger, and several other water bottle variations. All very intriguing. And the prices are quite reasonable. Especially when you use coupon code PEANUT at checkout for an extra 20% off!


Fruit-infused water, rock-climbing-equipped playgrounds, baby pigs? These kids are living THE life.

I feel like every time I look at social media (namely in the 4 seconds of Facebook I read each day) there’s some diss about the Midwest or how our generation is over-the-top in the parenting department. Well we’re having a blast in St. Louis and maybe we over-parent because of places like this making it so darn easy. Let’s see, stay in the house all day or drive 20 minutes to a totally incredible park? No brainer. And St. Louis has tons of parks like this (minus the farm animals), both in the city AND the surrounding suburbs.

Living here with kids is ridiculously fun.


So head to Suson SOON to see those pigs before they are gigantic like their mama, and don’t forget to check out for more about their products, using coupon code PEANUT when you purchase. Please tell me if you come up with a delicious infusion recipe…we are trying everything.

What’s your favorite park in the St. Louis Metro area? Have you tried a Citrus Zinger? 

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Exploring STL: Laumeier Sculpture Park

2015 April 19
by Becky

Nice weather makes entertaining kids about 953 times easier, it’s like the possibilities are endless and most options involve burning plenty of energy, meaning nice long afternoon naps.


Here’s where I admit something about which I’m more than a little ashamed.

Until last week, we’d never been to Laumeier Sculpture Park.

I’ll wait while you St. Louisans slap your forehead and guffaw in my negligence. I’ve always meant to go, it just never worked out and then kind of fell out of my mental list of things to do. So when my friend Melissa suggested we spend a Tuesday morning here, I thanked her profusely.

I told Ethan there would be a giant eyeball and friends to play with—he was in.



We spent a cloud-covered-yet-beautiful morning following our kids through wooded paths interspersed with large, climbable structures. I’m not sure they were supposed to be climbed, but our kids had an instant impulse to do so and, since no signs were posted, we didn’t stop it. Babies hiked on our backs and never made a peep, totally entertained by the flashes of older siblings and the cool spring breezes.



The giant eyeball was the hands down favorite. Ethan and Maelle were convinced it would roll away if pushed hard enough, they spontaneously shouted, “It’s falling over!!!” in between climbing and running.


These salvaged steel oil tanks turned sculpture made the perfect place for hide and seek, screams of being found muted in the vast expanse of open space. While this place is clearly for art lovers, kids being kids won’t ruin anyone’s experience. We had our picnic lunch with a view of this massive piece, after which the kids kicked a soccer ball in the brilliant green grass. LaumeierSculpturePark-BigTire

Ok, maybe there was one no climbing sign. But you had to approach this piece of art from the correct angle to notice.

I’m adding Laumeier to our short list of go-to day trips. Just 15 minutes from our house and totally free, it’s another totally incredible St. Louis landmark that’s fun for all ages.

Have you been to Laumeier? Am I dead to you because I neglected to visit this place for so long? Have I redeemed myself? 

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